Allison Tran’s Clock turns setting an alarm into a 20 minute chore

Do you find the single touch alarm activation on your smartphone/ expensive digital alarm clock a little too simple for your liking? Then you have got to try the all new alarm clock concept by designer Allison Tran. The alarm clock basically takes away all the intuitiveness of regular modern alarm clocks and replaces it with a chore-like system of turning the alarm on and off.

Alarm Clock

Since the dock of the alarm clock is wall mounted, you have to physically get up to place it back in the dock to turn it off which makes it a great gift idea for people who keep hitting the snooze button in the morning. To set an alarm, you have to first upload your own custom sound file to the mixing dock and mount it on the wall.

Then, you can adjust individual notes and sounds on the file by pulling strings and adjust the volume of each sound. To set the alarm time, you have to twist the speaker puck and remove the speaker from the dock and place it at your nightstand. When the alarm sounds off, you have to again get up and place the speaker back in the dock and pull strings till the sounds lower and the alarm is turned off.

Source: Allison Tran

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