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Allandale House, a minimilist yet beautiful construction tucked into the woods

A house in the woods comes tagged with a lot of serenity, which can take you to an altogether new world. Usually, whenever we think of a house in the wilderness, the things that come to our mind are wood logs, iron stoves and a big fire place. Killing this typical image is architect William O’Brien Jr. with an awesomely designed house that is meant to look a little different from the rest. Christened the Allandale House, it will instill a sense of freshness that one craves while living in cities.

Ultra-Minimalist Cabin

The ultra minimalistic forest cabin has been placed in the aesthetically appealing Mountain West and comprises of three A-frame roofs. The outside has been smothered with matte black tiles, which lend it a mystifying charm as they extent down till the grass. The frame of the house is very skinny and its west side comprises of a wine cellar, garage and library. The central A-frame is quite wide and has two floors, which consist of bedrooms and bathrooms. While the medium side A-frame placed on the eastern side has the kitchen, living and dining areas.

The triangular design of the house solves the problem of low roofs, which limit head height because of the angled construction. Thickness created between the inner wall and outer roof surface has been intelligently used by crafting showcases as well as bookshelves. The Allandale House, with its A-frame unfurls panoramic views and has all that makes a house comfortable and livable.

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