All-in-1 Chair becomes a cooler to chill your beverages outdoors

all in 1 chair 01

A chair or seat becomes a luxury at camping or a picnic at a beach or an isolated location, and if it comes integrated with storage, one cannot ask for more than that. The “All-in-1 Chair” is a multifunctional furniture unit that other than placing you comfortably outdoors can also be used as a cooler. All you need to do is add the waterproof liner to the storage underneath and fill it with ice to chill your beverages. Finished in a lightweight steel frame with polyester fabric, the chair also integrates two armrest drink holders and a side pocket, and hold up to 225 lbs in the storage bag. Priced at $60, the All-in-1 Chair becomes a handy accessory for your short outings.

all in 1 chair 02

Via: 7Gadgets/Dvice

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