2.0 speaker system offers surround sound with sculpted curves

speaker 01

Over the years, speakers being apart enhancing music or home entertainment systems have also become an essential part of home decor. Presenting an artistic design, British designer Kevin Boulton has come up with a unique speaker system dubbed “2.0 Speaker” that features sharp curves to increase the sound quality. Each speaker contains one tweeter (on the top), two middle sound speakers and one low frequency speaker (at the bottom), allowing quality surround sound. The speakers look the same, but are made so that the top tweeters are tighter allowing low amounts of vibration and the lower speakers are looser, allowing a more flexible radiant bass and treble. Compatible with PC or home entertainment systems, the 80w sound system’s speakers are curved to shoot the sound in all directions. Visible wires on the back give it a wow factor. The translucent construction allows users to see what the system is made of, in a way engaging them into the design.

speaker 02
alienware speaker set 04

[Thanks Kevin]

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