Alice furniture moves you away from the real time

alice 04
Time off from work or studies is as important for adults as it is for kids, as both young and old cherish the free time to rejuvenate themselves for their packed schedule. Taking a leaf out of the thought, designer Lucas Saule has designed a masterpiece furniture design that moving you away from the real time world helps you in shedding your worries and distractions. Hailed as “Alice,” the modular furniture depicts the passing of the time by completing a rotation in every 12 hours, giving you a fresh position for every time off in between work. Moreover, you may can pause and adjust the position of one of the tabletops to create a comfortable sitting arrangement, while other sections continue to rotate, so you may simultaneously visualize the passing of time. As soon as you finish your break and re-enter the real world, the table lifts up to catch up with the real time.

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alice 01
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