Aliante Bookshelf, a sturdy design crafted from carbon fiber

Every house has at least one person who loves books and this love forces booklovers to introduce a bookshelf in the homes, which has become an important piece of furniture when it comes to decorating interiors. Giving these bookshelves an all new existence is designer Davide Anzalone with Aliante Bookshelf, which bagged the first price at the Carbon Fiber Design Contest.

Aerodynamic Bookshelf

The designer wanted to come up with a furniture piece that had low air resistance. For this, Davide fetched a lot of inspiration from aeronautics while fashioning the bookshelf from carbon fiber. The design of the aerodynamic bookshelf comes draped in minimalism and its simple shape will blend with just any kind of decor. The shelves have been made to look like wings of an aircraft, while the ends will act as bookends to keep all your priced possessions from falling down.

Aliante bookshelf has a thicker middle at 32 cm and the upturned ends are 22 cm thick. This gives it structural stability and also brings down the use of material. The thicker middle will easily bear the heavy load at the middle making the structure quite firm. Two molds were used that pumped up the efficiency of the mode of productions. One mold will be used for modular shelves while the other will be exploited as the center support.

Aliante Bookshelf gets lightweight characteristics because of the use of carbon fiber, which also gives the design some strong traits.

Via: Fastcodesign

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