Alfa Romeo Essence sportscar alters its body with the airflow

alfa romeo essence 01

Taking a cue from the shape of flowing fabrics, designer Sam Holgate has come up with a sports car concept named the “Alfa Romeo Essence” that features a shape-shifting body to allow a thrilling driving experience. Made in shape memory plastic, the futuristic car presents a tapering streamlined body that alters shape as the air flows over it to create unique contours. Designed for the year 2035, the Alfa Romeo Essence accommodates two passengers comfortably on the seats suspended off a central spine that spreads through the length of its interior. Running on an electric drivetrain backed by lithium-ion batteries located at the rear, the sustainable vehicle replaces the batteries with a new set, so the user need not to waste time in recharging them.

alfa romeo essence 02
alfa romeo essence 03
alfa romeo essence 04
alfa romeo essence 05
alfa romeo essence 06

Via: Diseno-art

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