Alecop S.Coop’s Wings acts as a complete telepresence room with mobility!

With technology getting wider and wider, it’s difficult to keep your hands on a particular digital experience or on any latest software. There are numerous researches and development carried out for reinventing a new technology with its upgraded versions. Of course, these inventors just need a reason or a situation to invent something that will not only create a magical experience to the user but also help out in bringing the world more close to each other. Be it the invention from telephones to cellphones or from cellphones to smartphones, there is always something unique in each development of technology that provides easy user experience. Seriously, the day is not that far when there will be an application that will read your future mind in present and you won’t have to do the thinking process. As I am discussing the chameleon changes in technology, I would like you to experience one of the trendy and unique inventions in the world of technology. It is Wings, owned by Industrial designer Oscar Santamaria and his partner A.Escudero from Spain. Wings is designed for Alecop S.Coop Company, where they provide the necessary products that are based on the new Technologies of Information and Communication (TICs) mostly for the students and the future businesses.

Wings, Creative Telepresence

Wings is actually a creative piece of teleconferencing tool that will allow the students in classroom or group members of a particular office project to work on together with no gap of place or time. One can be present anywhere with anyone with this simple telepresence tool. No wonder there are now tele-conferencing rooms separate in offices with all necessary equipments, but they occupy a huge range area that comes to costly investments. Thus, to evade this cost feature and huge area problem, Wings has come to captivate us with its loving features. First of all, it’s compatible with your laptop so that wherever you go, you have your all-in-one telepresence tool along with you to bridge the gap in your communication system.

Wings comes with a complete set of software that manages each of the necessity of communication system in any conferencing. Moreover, it can double up your speed for large transfers of information from your desk to another desk at your fingertips, due to the avatar mode communication. Probably designed for more personal and secure use, Wings will become a necessity tool for each of the distance teamwork. Now, the main functions of this amazing tool is its chat facility, project managing tools, multiple video conferencing etc. You just need to hinge up the Wings to your laptop and your personal telepresence room is all ready with perfect elimination of that huge investment and large rooms. The body is finished with black lacquer making it bit glossy, has a tactile screen (7, 4”) with 10 GB internal space for storage and compatible with Windows and Mac OS. It also has compatible plug-ins like Crazy Talk-Facial Animator, Wings Creative Telepresence and Wings avatar creator. It can be connected through USB port.

Source: Behance

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