Airwaves: The perfect car for city life

airwaves concept car1 R1XGB 7860

Airwaves is just the kind of car the world needs at the moment. It takes care to reduce every problem that the modern driver faces. To begin with, it’s a perfectly convenient size. It makes Airwaves not only easier for yourself to manage but also you also end up contributing to save a little space on the roads choked with vehicles. The size also makes it a breeze to park in tight spots. With too many cars vying for too little space, getting ugly scrapes and dents on your brand new vehicle, is disturbingly common. The special exterior of the Airwaves prevents it from allowing bruises and scars to deface its shiny attractive body.

The Airwaves, besides being utterly comfortable, helps passengers to pass the time pleasantly by providing scope for entertainment. A LCD screen flashes weather reports, news, messages from the driver and other tidbits. I will come to more amazing qualities of this car now. It’s pretty much accident-proof. In the unfortunate case of the driver hitting the emergency brake and running down a pedestrian, the cabin will be lifted up by inertia. Simultaneously, airbags will be released to safeguard the pedestrian, driver and passengers.

Wow! Can it get better than this? Yes! This wonder car not only takes care of the driver, passengers and pedestrians, but also of the environment. It runs on electricity, and so is absolutely easy on the environment, emitting no toxins at all.

airwaves image2 ruHpl 5965

Source: Tuvie

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