Airplane from Cold War-era turned into a luxury hotel

airplane hotel vliegtuigsuite 01

You may have boarded the business class of an airplane many a time to travel across places, but residing in a luxury suit made inside an aircraft will definitely give a whole new experience that’s not just flight specific. Located rather grounded at Teuge Airport, Netherlands, the hotel makes use of a 120-seater German plane of the 1960 to confer the residents with luxurious sauna, jacuzzi, 24/7 hostess, 3 flat screens, Blu-Ray player and so on. Earlier serving as a restaurant for 15 years, the Cold War-era plane has now has now become a luxury hotel suite to host the rich and wealthy. Featuring the interiors and luxury facilities installed by Dutch company, the one of a kind hotel also opens the untouched cockpit to take the guests back into the Cold War-era. Moreover, the hotel guests can enjoy parachute jumps or stunt plane rides to make their vacation unforgettable.

airplane hotel vliegtuigsuite 02
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