AIRE concept generates energy from human breath

People of the modern era are so dependent on gadgets that they feel handicapped if these devices stop working. One of the biggest troubles is to hunt a charging slot in case the gadget runs out of charge. Joao Paulo Lammoglia has come up with an electronic mask named AIRE, which can convert air produced by human breath into electrical energy.

AIRE concept

The electronic device is a mask that will utilize energy from human activities and produce electric energy. This energy can be further used to juice up small electronic gadgets. The device makes sure that renewable sources of energy are used to charge gadgets, as against the non-renewable ones that may harm the environment and cause problems.

AIRE can be used both indoors and outdoors. The inside of AIRE features small wind turbines that convert wind energy to electric energy. This energy is further transferred to a small electronic device via a cable. The smart electronic device will help save energy and will also let the user practice breathing exercises. Simply, fit the mask on your face and see your beloved gadgets, like a cell phone, get charged the eco friendly way.

AIRE can be used while walking, sleeping, studying, driving, running and even while reading a book. It doesn’t require a user to sit or stand in a certain position, which makes the device very user friendly. The electronic device will help you lead a healthy and guilt free life. So, reverse the ill effects of using non-renewable sources of energy while keeping small gadgets alive with AIRE.

Via: Red-dot

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