Air Phones: Add playful light to your listening experience

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If you are one of those music fanatics, who just eat, drink and live music, designer Adam Silverstein has popped up with a modular proximity speaker system called ‘Air Phones’ that allow the users to play and share music on the go. Air Phones speaker system utilizes wireless technology (already out today) but applies it in a unique way. The speakers can be placed in any environment. As the user moves, a wireless transmitter activates the speaker in closest proximity. At the same time, a series of LEDs inside the speaker illuminates the translucent diaphragm, Mylar, adding playful light to the listening experience. As the user continues to move, the music is transferred to the next closest speaker allowing for a smooth flow of music, wherever the user goes. The modular mounting system allows the user to grab a speaker from their home and take it with them on their bike, backpack or even strap around their arm, for a nonstop flow of music with minimum fuss. And unlike headphones this interactive, listening experience can be shared with those around you. Hook your mp3 player onto the cradle to boost the wireless signal, and activate all the speakers at once.

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[Thanks Adam]

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