Air Multiplier table fan sans blades for a sleek design

air multiplier fan 1

After trying its hands in vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, Dyson has now come up with an innovative table fan called “Air Multiplier” that propels a cool breeze but without the use of blades. Hiding the blades inside the lower part, the bladeless fan pulls the air from the base and then pushes it out from the ring known as the loop amplifier. Featuring a sleek design, the Air Multiplier provides smoother, less choppy air than a regular fan. Removal of blades not just makes the fan safe, but easy to clean as well. Available in two versions, the 10-inch model for $300 and the 12-inch for $330, the Air Multiplier may present an elegant and seamless design, but I wonder if it would be able to throw as much wind as a regular fan of the same size.

air multiplier fan 2
air multiplier fan 3
air multiplier fan 4

Via: Gizmodo/Dvice

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