Air keeps your belongings dry and ready in all seasons

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To keep our clothes, shoes and other household belongings dry and ready often becomes difficult in the rainy season. Providing a solution to the problem, Russian designer Olga Kalugina has come up with a portable dryer dubbed “Air” that extracts moisture from different objects and keeps them parched with little effort. The universal drying apparatus presents a spherical design, which is divided into two parts (upper and lower) with a by plastic line, the upper part for breathing the air in and the lower for exhausting the air out. The Air features three elements at the center, which are further divided into two parts. The outer part in the spherical hinge lets the Air move freely and the clutch at the bottom works like a clothes peg to support the objects.

While on the other hand, the inner part includes three flexible plates that create the effect of the clutch, when lined up in identical position. When the electric engine rotates the element, the plates become straight and make a loop that can be used to hang the article. Moreover, rotating elements make numerous variants to fasten or fix the object.

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[Thanks Olga]

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