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Air Conditioned Flak Jackets will help cops beat the heat this summer

Cops aren’t known to be the coolest, calmest public officers in the world and a cop who’s patrolling the streets in the skin-frying summer time is likely to lose his cool. However, a Swiss materials company called Empa has come up with a way to keep police officers cool through the summer using Coolpad technology-based bulletproof vest that can be described as an air-conditioned jacket at best. For officers risking their lives in high-risk areas, wearing a bullet-proof vest is mandatory which may save their lives but creates a sauna like effect around their chests which is unimaginably uncomfortable for the wearer.

Air-Conditioned Flak Jacket

To ensure that police personnel are not left feeling uneasy due to the heat created by their uniforms, these Air-Conditioned Flak Jackets comes with the regulation bullet-proof dense Kevlar flak jacket with water-filled pads built into them to bring the skin temperature of the wearers down. Tiny fans fitted behind the pads add ventilation to the jacket and create a natural cooling effect that mimics the process of cool air hitting sweating skin and bringing the body’s temperature down.

To keep the material flexible, diode lasers were used to weld the pads to the vests to keep them sturdy enough to be bullet repellent while remaining lightweight and functional enough to keep cops cool. The Air-Conditioned Flak Jackets has been tested by the police department of Zurich who has provided quite positive feedback on the system though it might be sometime before the cooking vests become a part of the standard uniform for cops around the globe.

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