First Aid Jacket understands the value of time in case of an accident

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, but what is the most important in this case if timely first aid. Understanding this time based importance is designer Chris Tu with the First Aid Jacket. It will provide all necessary support and will stabilize the condition of injured till the time professional help arrives.

First Aid Jacket

First Aid Jacket has been designed in a way that will let people understand a little more about first aid. The simple concept comprises of great binding tools, which have been clubbed in an aesthetically pleasing sportswear design. The suit comes printed with certain icons that will indicate the right way to apply pressure to stop bleeding from a serious wound. This pressure will restrict blood flow, making sure the injured doesn’t go in a state of shock because of excessive bleeding.

First Aid Jacket

First Aid Jacket will prove to be a great support, which is simple as well as effective, in case of a broken arm or leg. The inflating trait makes sure that it becomes solid as well as firm when wrapped on the injured part. The suit comes with an adjustable strap that can be used for the sleeves and will lend additional support for the wound or broken bone(s).

First Aid Jacket

It comes with a mini pump that will be of quite a help when it comes to inflating the trouser once it is tightened on the arm or leg, which will stop blood flow. The mini pump will be connected to the small pipe placed inside the trouser. First Aid Jacket will help save lives and that too with prompt application traits and simple usage.

First Aid Jacket

[Cheers Chris]

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