Agriculture 2.0 gives an entirely new meaning to urban vertical farming

Ever increasing population not only demands us to fight against exhausting housing spaces, but also forces us to show concern over food production and land cultivation. Not only this, even biodiversity and natural resources are jeopardized that may cause a major chunk of problems in the near future. In a hope to answer all these, Appareil has come up with Agriculture 2.0 that will produce food in an efficient way.

Urban Vertical Farming

Agriculture 2.0 will support urban vertical farming as it will comprise of a generative system. The most appreciable part being this infrastructure will be that same design can be used anywhere across the globe and in various kinds of climatic conditions. The vertical infrastructure’s local design will concentrate on three things: the site where the tower will be erected, area of the city that will be caked in vegetation and the city’s climatic conditions as well. Plant incubators will get a complete support structure that the building will be composed of, which will run through the length of the tower.

A four to eight meter square closed pool will act as an incubator that will unfurl a controlled environment necessary for the growth of plants. It will be responsible for collecting rainwater, controlling temperature, sunlight, concentration of carbon dioxide and also air quality. The tower will support the production of lightweight crops, like tomato, lettuce and eggplant, to name a few. Now comes the most astonishing part! A single tower can produce 42 kilograms of vegetables in a single day. Agriculture 2.0 will prove to be a blessing in coming years where food and its production will face new challenges.

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