AESTRUC water purifier for hot, cold and ion water

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Importance of water as a lifeline in this world can hardly be exaggerated. With three fourth of earth surface covered with water, the need for portable and safe drinking water is at an all time high and therefore the need for inventions combating these problems is augmenting. In such a scenario, the AESTRUC water purifier is a good remedy for work places. This design from Woo Seokmoon offers hot, cold and ion water.

A Y-shaped purifier can be rotated to pick your water preference and the height of the pump can be moved up and down according to the height of the user and the tumbler. Among other user friendly features are the OLED Display over the faucet that conveys your water preference. Also, as soon as the purifier senses the presence of a cup the water pumps are activated hence, saving energy while not in use. The triangular appearance is ideal to install it in any corner with minimum space utilization. This mini-water-wonder has quenched thirst not only with water but also a powerful design with multifarious functions!

Via: Red-dot

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