Aesthetically pleasing e-TRIX electric bicycle folds in half

e trix 1

Designer: Omar Alrawi from University of Western Sydney.

With designers from all around the world trying to create sustainable modes of transportation, we get to see interesting concepts every now and then. The e-TRIX electric bicycle, an entry submitted for the Australian Design Award, has been designed to enhance the feel and experience of cycling, thanks to its curvaceous form and an innovative belt drive system. The idea behind the project was to create a bike that blends design and the environment to encourage people of all ages to cycle and become a part of a healthier and cleaner Sydney. Offering an enticing combination of form and function, the e-TRIX features a design that is rotational molded into one part with metal inserts, instead of bolts or screws. There is a customized area where the cyclist can store his or her personal things. The best part is that the bike folds entirely in half to minimize the storage space.

The e-TRIX can also be stacked into a compact unit and packaged. It can easily be assembled or disassembled with a simple mid-center shaft that holds together the rotating brackets. The e-TRIX electric bicycle hopes to be a part of the on-going efforts for Sydney to meet the sustainable 2030 goals.

e trix 2e trix 3e trix 4

Via: Australian Design Award

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