ADR Studios launches iPhone SJ concept in remembrance of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs will always be termed as an iconic gem for almost all the designers and developers in their future inventions. With the great achievements for Apple Inc., Steve has led its i-devices far more ahead in its conceptual designs when compared to any other devices in the market. ADR Studios have come up with the latest iPhone concept dubbed as iPhone SJ, which serves to be a tribute to Steve Jobs. Antonio De Rosa, founder of ADR Studios, was so inspired with Steve that it led him to invent iPhone SJ concept that showcases the combination of earlier Smartphones.

iPhone SJ Polycarbonate Phone

Now talking about the whole concept of iPhone SJ, then this device is a beautiful outcome of great combinations from previous versions of iPhones with many more speculated features attached to it. The body of iPhone is carved out of polycarbonate metal and features a capacitive touchscreen that is made up of fine glass resulting to an edge-to-edge display. Above its sleek design and solid body, the iPhone SJ is said to be loaded with Apple’s A6 dual core processor, then a rear camera consisting with the lens of 10 megapixel and the capacitive glass screen which may result in more than 4 inch of retina display. As the body is crafted with polycarbonate metal, the phone is said to be sustainable in use and at the same time it’s light weighted. It is also said that the device will possibly be working on the iOS 6.0 version. As per the sleek appearance of iPhone SJ, it is believed that it measures the thinness in about 7 mm. Following speculated reinvention, it seems that iPhone SJ is a redefined element with the classic inventions that combine the designs of iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S devices.

The Italian based designer, Antonio De Rosa, tags this beautiful invention as ‘a classic reinvented’ on his website. The designer has done a great job but it is still a concept for future iPhones.

Source: Concept-Phones

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