Add a minimal flavor to life with hand operated record player

Minimalism is the call of the day and people are adhering to it like never before. Designs have become very simple and come tagged with all the functional features, which is very impressive. Taking this a step further is Livia Ritthaler, a graphic designer by profession, who is out with a gramophone that comes smothered with minimalistic features.

Hand Powered Record Player

The plain looking record player will fit in compact space and is apt to create a bygone era aura in a tight city space. The attention arresting gramophone is operated by hand and will demand a user’s complete involvement as it whiffs mesmerizing tunes. The design has been crafted using just three things: wood, paper and metal, making sure it ranks high on the ultra minimalist graph.

Simply, twist the record with your fingers and see it fill the area with vivaciousness. Though the manual operation can prove to be a bit tiring, but the design won’t fall short of lending an everlasting impression. While spinning the record, the creation quivers a bit, while creating sounds that are very audible. The best part being, one won’t be dependable on batteries or electricity supply to get entertained, thanks to the amazing designing of the ultra minimalist gramophone.

The record player isn’t very heavy like typical designs and works well with 78 rpm records. Livia Ritthaler’s creation is easy to use and will give a retro feel to the overall setup of a place. Sprinkle the charm of olden days in your life as you spin the record to create a lively atmosphere that too coated with minimalism.

Via: Fastcodesign

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