Acura Merge, an intelligent and informative socializing mobility

Honda has been a brand to reckon with when it comes to motors. However, their automobiles segment lacks a premium car running on alternative energy. The concept car, Acura Merge, seeks to gloriously fill this void. An electric car with a futuristic design, the Acura has been constructed entirely from light yet strong fiber glass. It is meant for a single person travel inspired from the fact that 70 percent of cars today have a single occupant. The shape is aerodynamic to increase battery efficiency and sufficiency for long rides.

Acura Merge personal transportation

The adjustable seat in the car is an example of perfect ergonomics and it simply amplifies the human shape. The car in itself seems to have a life of its own as it can communicate with other cars via a network. Thus, this “self-awareness” ensures that each vehicle can scan the environment and pick up anomalies based on the experience of other cars. The intelligent communication network also allows the riders to socialize. This communication and the shape, which has a sliding rear track with a pivoting front track makes a group of cars resemble a school of fish darting in the sea.

The amazing thing is that the car is entirely controlled via a smartphone. The doors have an OLED screen on them, which allows the occupant to share or view anything on them as if they were giant screens. The glass used is electrochromic, which means that it tints when an electric charge is applied to it. Thus, it assures privacy. The lights are all ‘intelligent’ and they turn on automatically when necessary. The wheels are magnetic and their propulsion, braking as well as suspension are unbeatable. In one word, this concept Acura Merge is simply fantastic.

Source: Jon Russell Industrial Design

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