Acer Providence makes computing easier, simpler and less intimidating for seniors

Computers, the internet, smartphones and iPods may be an integral part of our lives today but for baby boomers, these common bits of technology are still a little intimidating to work with. Since most of these gizmos came into being in the last twenty years, seniors still find it a little hard to interact with them. However, since a majority of the world’s population, including the kids and grandkids of folks from this demographic, use these gadgets to interact with each other rather than traditional modes of communication, it becomes quintessential for seniors to familiarize themselves with these technologies. To allow seniors to use computers, tablets and the internet to connect with their children and grandchildren as well as each other in a modern way, designer Timothy Ng has created the Acer Providence all-in-one PC design concept.

Acer Providence

The Acer Providence is designed to help bring seniors into the world of computing in a non-intimidating fashion. The concept looks at offering a fresh new perspective on familiar technology that can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. This particular PC concept addresses the needs of seniors when it comes to everyday computing. Using an unintimidating form and design functions that are geared towards seniors, the concept makes the computing experience an easier and more comfortable one for this target market which comprises of folks in the 65-plus age group who are comfortably settled in life yet are intimidated by modern technology. Since this demographic also has developing physical limitations, they cannot use desktops and laptops the way younger people do.

The Acer Providence looks to cater to people with issues like arthritis, decreasing vision and limited mobility. Thanks to a fully articulating arm, the monitor of this desktop PC can detach from the body of the computer and be used as a tablet as well. This affords the concept a simpler interface to navigate- one that is direct and easy to understand for people who aren’t too familiar with computing but want to be able use it nonetheless.

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