A timber lumber stool by Jun Murokoshi

timber lumber stool

A Timber stool is the latest arrival, one important quality about this stool is — the wood is just used in its natural form, no finishing, nothing is done, different pieces of wood are just kept one above the other and in this way this stool is prepared. The real fact about human beings is that we just adore natural stuff and aware of its artistic characteristic and well-organized construction. Though, we rarely use lumber in unprocessed form but it looks good with our worldly (stylish) surroundings! That’s may be the reason why the designer Jun Murokoshi has used the wood in its natural way? Well, this is his imagination which allowed him to use the wooden pieces just as they are and I must say he has lot of guts to come up with such a simple creation but it look marvellous. The white color gives it a completely different look despite of its natural brown color.


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