Bureau Triskel: A piece of gold made from wood

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The Alchemists tried for years to turn lead into gold, but I just discovered that someone has succeeded in turning wood into gold. Just look at it again. Imagine this desk sitting in your office and picture the reaction of people when they walk in for the first time. In some old time, people who performed amazing feats were dubbed children of the gods, and I have to say, Loic Kerisel would definitely have fallen into that category. This is not a mere piece of office furniture, but a classic work of art. The magic known as Bureau Triskel is made using at least three different kinds of wood to make the individual shades of brown that give this desk its pattern. A desk like this would easily cost $50,000 or more, and because of its intricate craft work, it is highly likely that only a limited number of units will be made, which could drive the price as high as $200,000.

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bureau triskel 2 C8PMP 17649

Source: Woodenconcept

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