DOT – A hybrid of a cellphone and an ear device

dot phone

The more gadgets you carry with you, the more hassle and clutter breeds around you. Removing the unnecessary clutter of electronic devices from your bag, or pocket for that matter, designer Cyrene Quiamco has devised a unique gadget that offers multiple services with hands-free comfort. The “DOT,” as the designer calls her gadget, is hybrid of a cellphone and an ear device that opens to reveal a second LCD screen for a more traditional cellphone look. Featuring a bendable ear hook for comfort, the digital device projects a touch-sensitive screen on hands, paper and wall, so you could dial a number with touch sensitive projection on your palm, and make or receive calls without removing the phone from your ear. Cool!

Moreover, you can project full internet pages on paper, a table or the wall, giving you access to internet and mailbox anywhere, anytime. And the bendable hook attaches it safely on your purse strap, belt or even as a ring on your finger, making the device highly portable as well functional for the users on the go.
dot phone
dot phone

Via: ProductDesignForums

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