A high-tech alternative to the conventional post office system

post office

Designer: James Salvidge.

Basic Concept: The “After the post office” was designed to introduce new service that could replace the conventional post offices.

The process: The “After the post office” concept works by following a few steps. First, the mobile segment is transported to the desired location by van and it’s done using the built-in trolley. When it reaches the destination, the mobile section is pushed towards the post box. Thereafter, the person can use the display to tell it to lock on to the box. The locking mechanism keeps the box safe and sound. When a parcel is put on the scales, the display shows the user its weight and the postage options available. The postage selections can be made using touchscreens. Users will be directed to pay using either cash or card. A printed barcode comes out, which users can stick to their parcel. Once the user sticks the barcode to the parcel, he/she can post the parcel by opening the rear of the compartment. The post box automatically weighs the letters and stamps them with precise details.

This static post box will also offer a safe base to secure the mobile section. It provides the mobile section with a fixed internet and power supply. The Mobile section is designed to be moved each day to a different village and it follows a timetable. It features a large touchscreen that guides the people of the whole process.

The services offered include..

• Cash withdrawal and deposit.

• Pension and benefit withdrawal.

• Mobile phone top ups.

• Car tax disc purchase.

• Collection of forms, passport etc.

• All the post office online services.

Moreover, the “After the post office” will also provide internet and email access to the users. The compact, automated post office unit is indeed a handy and high-tech alternative to the conventional post office system.

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Thanks, James Salvidge

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