A floating cemetery for the departed in Hong Kong

floating cemetery1

With the concrete jungles taking away most of the land, in times to come there will be no resting places for our dear ones who leave us. The situation is so intense that in places like Hong Kong 90 percent of people prefer cremating the dead rather that looking for expensive graveyard plots. To bring a solution to Hong Kong, Tin Shun has come up with an innovative idea of a columbarium that will have the resting ground anchored to the harbor, currently a neglected area with the potential to become a revitalized public space. The designer is considering whether to build a multi-story columbarium in the city for the urns, or leave the land to the departed. This columbarium will let the soul of your loved ones rest in tranquility between the horizon and the datum of the ocean.

floating cemetery2

floating cemetery3

floating cemetery4

floating cemetery5

floating cemetery6

floating cemetery7

floating cemetery8

Via: ArchDaily

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