A coffee mug that takes a break from the mundane

radiator mug hrC92 15699

The Radiator Mug is a radical departure from the run-of-the-mill coffee mugs. Why? Simply because it doesn’t have a handle to hold your daily cuppa. This mug is designed very differently as it is surrounded by fins all around. These fins are designed to keep your hands nice and warm even as you sip your drink. We don’t know whether this mug will keep your coffee warm for too long as its very name suggests that it will radiate heat through it’s fins. So you might want to drink up your daily dose of caffeine a tad faster. Though designer Stephen Reed has named this mug as the Radiator Mug, we feel that it looks more like a free flow air filter than any radiator. The Radiator Mug comes at a reasonable $24 and can be bought here.

Via: While I Work

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