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9 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid in Your Dating Life

We live in the era when visual perception becomes critical. Everything around us contains more images than text: adverts, presentations, movies that we watch often than read books etc. Dating is hugely based on our impression about looks of potential partners. No one can probably argue that we evaluate matches with our eyes first and that’s why it’s so important to thoroughly choose an attire (especially if you are a guy and want to date Russian ladies who are famous for their perfect taste in clothing).

Coming all in black


This color is supposed to fit every single event (okay, for almost every). Men wear black suits and ties on first dates because these look just so close to a tux; women bear in mind the tiny-black-dress rule. Not that it’s forbidden to make black your main color but consider adding bright accessories for contrast.

Chasing the latest trends

Most people try to follow trends somehow, even if they don’t like those. But approach wisely to this matter: better if you come in your casual outfit than in an ultimately stylish trend that doesn’t match your body type, color type, age etc. Just to cut a long story short, don’t wear trends in the name of trends.

Dressing too provocative


Not always dressing under the principle “the more seductive, the better” works. First of all, any outfit should emphasize the pluses of your figure and face. Second, what looks great on your dating profile picture upgraded with touchups won’t necessarily look the same in real life. The more you hide under the rightly picked clothes, the stronger desire you evoke in your date.

Wearing an overly lavish outfit

You may dream to overwhelm him/her with your extravagant and costly rags. But instead of this effect, your partner will be just scared away. Even if you have enough money to buy best of the best clothing, we recommend you choosing something more casual.

Skipping grooming and a makeup

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Going out au naturel may work if you are in a long-term relationship when your partner doesn’t care about your look that much. However, if you wish to make a proper impression about yourself, don’t be lazy and work on your head hair (or facial if you’re a man). Ladies, in their turn, shouldn’t forget about a makeup.

Failing to do hair properly

Your hairstyle hugely impacts your overall look so it should definitely match what you wear, what you put on the face and so on. By all means, it should be clean and of an attractive length – relatively short for men and long for women. The recent studies show that women prefer manly looking guys while men appreciate girls that don’t cut their hair.

Choosing the wrong footwear

Trying shoes on in boutique

This is what complements your look. We believe there’s no need to mention your boots/shoes/floppers must actually be clean. Please bother to pick the pair matching your outfit in terms of color, shape, fabric, and style.

Picking accessories that doesn’t match your look

Accessories play a very significant role when it comes to building a flawless image. There are also a few rules every dater should follow to succeed. Don’t wear too many of them since you aren’t a fir tree. Make sure you put on items of good quality – nothing looks more disappointing than fake precious metals, gems, or leather.

Dressing too casually

Wearing casual doesn’t mean this should be your favorite pajama. Basically, you need to find a happy balance between opulence and simplicity: pick comfortable but stylish and neat clothes that would present you in the best possible light.

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