8to5 Wrist Watch lauds and critiques corporate work culture at the same time

In the world of modern fashion, accessories are seldom worn for adornment. Rather, they are worn to make a statement, though more often wearers settle for making the simple statement showing they are in touch with latest trends. However, the 8to5 Wrist Watch Prototype designed by Paul Kweton is intended to be more than a fashion accessory. The timepiece draws on the rhythmic certainty of perpetual daily work and routines that are part of the corporate work structure.

8to5 wrist watch

No matter how tedious these work schedules are, they give us a sense of timelessness and a certainty that is somehow missing in these economically uncertain times. Though the piece is intended to strongly critique the monotony of such a work culture, it pays a tribute to its accomplishments at the same time thus serving as an oxymoron which plays on contrast quite wonderfully.

Commonly used in the field of construction, the standard I-Beam provides the central theme for the outer watch case design albeit in a geometrically altered state. The beam is scaled down to half the size of the watch case itself and deliciously bent in a half-circle to mimic the silhouette of the watch face. With their ends facing each other, two of these semi-circular bent beams form the watch case’s outer shell.

This intricate detailing of the first design process is particularly significant for the second one which draws on plumbing connections as an inspiration. The interpretation of connection details used in plumbing expresses itself via the multi-layered watch case which helps the casing stand out with its strong formal appearance and becomes something of a focal point for the whole design with its sturdy and raw physicality.

With distinct inner and outer shells, the geometrically simplified watch case design features a hard coat anodizing finished-glass bead blast post and CNC milled high grade aluminum masculine exterior which contrasts with the sealed container-like inner shell that is radiant and feminine with the serenity of glass and the gentle movement of the hands.

The watch itself features a self-winding caliber 2824-2 ETA movement which helps it stay precise for longer durations and makes it easier to synchronize and correct. The case of the 8to5 Wrist Watch Prototype measures 55mm x 50mm x15mm and is fashioned out of sturdy aluminum. The 24 mm broad wrist band that comes with the watch is crafted either out of rubber or leather. The designer has refrained from using a metallic wrist band since it would be antithetical to the premise of the design itself, shackling rather than liberating the wearer.

Source: Paul Kweton

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