8 Revolutionary Motorola mobile phone concepts

Motorola mobile phone concepts

Motorola is always known for its ultimate mobile concepts and the mobile devices they make out. The Motorola is one of the best mobile brands in terms of technology and the cool features they offer at really affordable prices. They have given the world some of the most classic phones and are always on with their latest technology and concepts.

They have recently unveiled their latest concepts and have got really positive feedback for all the models. These concept phones were exceptionally beautiful and stunningly gorgeous. Also the features mentioned were simply superb and people have already gone crazy over them. Most of us are unaware about these concepts so here we are with a list of right revolutionary Motorola mobile phone concepts which are creating a buzz around in the mobile phone industry. Here is a list of eight revolutionary phones.

1. Moto RAZR2 V8

Moto RAZR2 V8

The Moto Razr was one of the classic phones by the brand Motorola and there is perfectly no stopping to this masterpiece. It is now being developed with the latest technology and new attractive design to make more impact. This one is a special edition of the same Moto Razr and has a super cool golden colored design on it which looks pretty cool. Also the flip functioning is improved and it is completely made out of 24 karat gold with vacuum metal finish. It is priced at around $5,000.

2. Motorola V3i

Motorola V3i

This model of the Motorola was really a rocking one and it has been completely transformed into pieces of diamonds and looks exceptionally beautiful. This one has now been made completely luxurious and is worth of a strong deal for all the people out there who love keeping a luxurious phone. The looks are gorgeous and the phone is embedded with over 855 diamonds which weighs around 3.8 carats. This masterpiece is priced at just $10,000.

3. Motorola KRZR

Motorola KRZR

Again a masterpiece created by Peter Aloisson who is known for giving a classy and luxurious looks to the old classic mobile phone. This is something which looks attractive and is compact and handy. The Motorola KRZR is now been made completely out of diamonds and gold pieces and the pieces are placed on the sides of the screen both front and back side. The side looks really gorgeous with those diamonds sparkling all time.

4. Motorola PVOT

Motorola PVOT

The Motorola PVOT is a handset for all those who have been looking for some change in the dimension and structure of a mobile phone. This cool piece is completely a hand crank phone which offers higher durability and awesome functioning. For a sweat-inducing 25 cranks it offers a one minute of continuous usage. The hand crank provided charges up the battery inside the PVOT. The PVOT phone comes along with a dot matrix LCD display which has a dimension of 125×125 and is also included with a eraser shield keypad.

5. Motorola Aura Diamond

Motorola Aura Diamond

The Diamonds has become a basic necessity of people and some rich people out there want all there accessories to be in form of diamonds. So here is something cool for all those people out there, this is the ultra-cool Motorola phone which now comes with the gold plated case and keys. The Aura is considered to be one of the best phones by Motorola and is now given a complete new look with this gold plated case. It is priced at $5,700.

6. Piccolo Concept 1

Piccolo Concept  1

The Piccolo concept 1 mobile phone is completely inspired by the traditional Motorola phones and is highly demanded for its unique design and functioning. This Motorola gadget is really gorgeous and the structure and the cool functioning is what make it way above others. The side slide option with the cool curved body looks stunning. It is still a concept phone but we are going crazy over the looks of this phone. Let’s hope we get to use it soon.

7. Motorola nest

Motorola nest

This concept phone is really awesome and for sure, once you see it you will go nuts over its design and super cool structure. Made in a shape inspired from a nest, this mobile phone concept is highly appreciated and is designed by Kelly Bremer. It has completely transformed the way phone were actually used, and this phone will let you choose like some kind of digital scrapbook where you can flip through your near and dear ones and make them call quite easy just by calling out their name. This cool design is also inspired from a feminine jewelry.

8. Motorola Koleopt

Motorola Koleopt

The multitude of pockets that offer our bags and clothing sometimes becomes a real headache when it comes to find his cell phone. So this cellphone will help to get you rid out of all such stuffs. Located in a strategic location, Koleopt encircles your wrist in order to remain always at hand. Ultra lightweight and discreet Koleopt will be always with you wherever you go.

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