8 Exceptional car gadgets for a safe and satisfying ride

Car Safety gadget

Driving is a responsibility which every driver has to bear in mind particularly during the rush hours. No matter how hard one tries to avoid skirmishes during this time, it becomes neigh impossible. Driving can also be very boring especially for long distances.

To ensure your safety and enjoyment during driving, you can always check out the new car gadgets which are not only fascinating but a guarantee for safe driving. Listed below are some of these brilliant gadgets which are bound to interest you.

1. iPhone anti sleep pilot

iPhone Anti Sleep Pilot

Anti sleep pilot enables the driver to stay alert while driving. It is helpful in preventing mishaps while driving, although you need to have proper control over your own driving. With its various features the anti sleep pilot assures safe driving by giving out various safeguard beepers when you need to be alerted. It provides information on your fatigue level and helps you to be focused and alert and guides you to take preventive measures when your fatigue crosses the safety level. It has been developed with thorough research by scientists over a period of four years and is customized to each individual driver’s risk profile. It is useful for night driving, long trips, late night shifts and when one is generally fatigued during driving. The anti sleep pilot is placed in the car iPhone holder within easy visibility and touch and can be connected to the car power supply.

2. Car GPS system

Car GPS systems

It is a portable navigation device for your car, which indicates the road map on a screen. Without stopping to ask for directions, you can now rely on this GPS device for accurate directions. The GPS system has text and voice guide directions fully automatic and makes your time less stressful on the road. These devices have bright screens for clear visibility, sturdy mount, car charger, menus, and software. This GPS technology is also becoming popular for tracking boaters, pilots, and vehicle fleets. There are different models available such as Garmin Nuvi 3790T, Motorola MotoNav TN765t, TomTom XL 340S, Magellan RoadMate 1470, and Garmin Nuvi 205W. All these devices are fashioned for easy portable navigation, with robust features, advanced technology, excellent performance and superior larger screens.

3. iVoice RI bluetooth hands free speakerphone car

iVoice R1 Bluetooth Hands-Free Speakerphone Car

With a high call quality the iVoice RI cancels out microphone noise and is excellent for conference calls. It has hands free mechanism with wireless speakerphone. It has charger adapters of 120V and 12V USB, a visor clip, user guide, RI unit, USB to USB cable and available in black or red. It is handy enough measuring 4×2.75 and can fit into pockets.

4. Anti sleep driving alarm

Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm

It is worn around the ear and gives out an alarm if the head tilts 30 degrees or more. This is essential if you are already tired and sleepy when you start driving. It was originally designed for long distance truck drivers, running the risk of falling asleep behind the wheels. It is lightweight, with a dimension of 67x23x18 mm and ergonomically designed. It is a great safety device and comes in a pair.

5. Delphi rear and side detection system

Delphi Rear and Side Detection System

This system enables drivers to detect on coming vehicles during lane changing and turns. It alerts the driver when it enters a blind spot, which cannot be detected on the side mirror. It has better Doppler discrimination, wider band switch, smaller RF window by using 76 GHz single beam mono pulse radar. It has superior range, accuracy, quality target discrimination, longer range capability and simple vehicle integration. It relays its signal with chimes or visual indicator and audible alerts which is deactivated automatically while turn signal is being used. It is a great system for reducing potential accidents and damage.

6. Rear parking assistance

Rear Parking Assistance

This parking system assists drivers to detect objects otherwise not visible in the rear view mirror. With its ultrasonic system it helps to determine how close the vehicle is to the impending object, by bouncing high frequency sound waves off objects. These sound waves are measured by the sensors to determine the proximity level of the object from the rear bumper. It also has LEDs displayed on the dashboard or rear head to complement a visual effect with the audible warning. It also uses a camera mounted in the rear for wide range view of the vicinity and displayed on the dashboard or instrument panel.

7. Rearview camera

Rearview camera

This camera is mounted on the dashboard and is chargeable from the car battery or a 12 V adapter. It has a small holder for the monitor which is a 2.5 LCD wireless color monitor. It is a back eye for drivers with normal and mirror images.

8. Real time traffic information

Real-time traffic information

This was developed by ConnectDrive and covers country roads, motorways, inter city links, and major roads. It has updated features like detailed information and re-routing recommendations. The SIM which has been integrated in the vehicle and the cellular networks transmits information.

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