Sleek and stylish wooden headset designs

Looking forward to buy new headphones, but are you expecting to get something stylish, different and out of the box? Well how about buying wooden headphones. Yes you heard it right, stylish wooden headphones, sounds something different right! They are actually different, trendy and also offer you the best sound quality you are craving for.

Here is a list of such wooden headphones that might allure you for sure:

Parra x

Parra, a Dutch artist has introduced a set of headphones under the Perfect Unison label. This headset is made by David Burel in the form of skate decks that are made of Finnish birch. With a thickness of just 1.2 mm, these lightweight headphones have flexibility as well as flawless sound quality. The wooden objects have always been admired as they are environment friendly. Parra x would be definitely a hot pick for young crowd who would love to flaunt their headset matching their skateboard on the streets. You can find Parra x headphones at selective retailers, which include The Lazy Dog in Paris.

Zebrano wood luxury headphones

Ultrasone AG, the company that is known to have introduced the edition 8 Palladium headphones as well as the edition 9 headphones, has set to bring the special edition open back headphone i.e. edition 10. This is a limited and high-end edition 10 headphones, by the German headphone manufacturer, is from a list of luxurious materials. With about 2000 units available for sale, this lightweight headphone’s characteristics include ear cup inlays of Zebrano wood; ear cup pads made of Ethiopian sheepskin leather, Titanium plated drivers as well as Kevlar coated cables. Its 40mm drivers that are Titanium-plated feature a 10% extra powerful magnet for better sound pressure levels. The Zebrano Wood Luxury Headphones are available at a price of $2,749 and come in a wooden box along with a handcrafted wooden Zebrano headphone stand.

Custom birch plywood headphones

Birch plywood headphones are mainly made with custom fabric as well as aluminum. If you are the ones who will forgo the sound quality of headphones for stylish looks then you would definitely like Custom Birch Plywood Headphones. They are unique and simple also you can bet that you won’t find any other as well as it in market. One who owns it will surely make a style statement. These headphones are custom made hence you can choose the fabric finish on the outer side of the earcups. Also you can specify your head size in case the normal 45cm measurement doesn’t fit you.

Zebra wood headphones

Made totally from African Zebra wood, these headphones may seem like bulky wooden blocks fixed to ears but in real they offer greater comfort and sound. Its head band is made from sheepskin and stainless steel, so is the internal part of both earcups. Last but the least, it is not worth wasting a tree to make a pair of headphones that don’t even sound good. You can get these Zebra Wood Headphones for a price of $199.

Audio-Technica’s hot wooden headphones

Audio Technica, a manufacturer of an array of audio products has introduced its latest portable headphones. The ATH-ESW9 sovereign wood headphones are made from some of the finest Hokkaido cherry tree wood from Japan. Besides, this it has a sensitivity of 103db and magnet drivers made of neodymium which are 42mm large and are supported with fiberglass housing. This Audio Technica’s latest ATH-ESW9 headphones weights only 170g and are available for $369. You can buy them at $1,700 along with a hard-shell case as well as cable bag.

Steampunk monster beats

Following the Steampunk iPod/ iPhone charger, the newest creation from the Thin Gypsy Thief’s Steampunk Gear is Steampunk headphone and its custom case. Steampunk monster beats is the latest creation of Kyle Miller aka Thin Gypsy Thief. It is based on the studio version of monster beats. The headphone is built using refined material, which includes black walnut, brass, copper and vintage burgundy leather. Each component of the headphones are designed and built by Kyle Miller, except the process of copper etching. Steampunk monster beats are powerful as well as comfortable to wear.

Ashcraft aria concept

Designer Britt Ashcraft of Ashcraft Design made Ashcraft aria headset, which make use of recycled materials as well as superior audio technology. The headband is prepared from recycled wood acoustic guitars wrapped and its spun satin ears are made of recycled aluminum. These eco friendly Ashcraft aria headphones are equipped with twosome of titanium-plated drivers of 40 mm that offers extreme clarity and is a perfect choice for the audiophile.

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