7 Sleek glass speakers for crystal-clear sound

Sleek glass speakers

There are different types of speakers available in the market for decades but there is a new product that has literally taken the shine out of the rest. It is a new range of glass speakers which has found its niche in the market and is definitely novel and inspiring.

These glass speakers are capable of generating output sound of 360 degrees audio magnitude despite their delicate and fragile appearance. They have been built for producing sound by using glass as the resonator and of course, it gives out a crystal clear clarity in sound which is quite astounding. This is basically possible because of the high glass density which renders the deep lows while the taut hardness of the material gives out the sharp crispy highs. Many designers have used glass as their base to create some unique and wonderful sounds in different variations of designs. Here is a list of some of those creative, aesthetic, and quite possibly durable sound speaker systems available in the market.

1. Aura speakers by Paul Scarfe


The Aura speakers are stylish and discreet using glass to fill up a room with sound. It comes in a cone shape glass with bass speaker located below on the bottom base which amplifies the best sound into the surrounding. By adding the pristine purity of glass, Designer Paul Scarfe has created an equation which he named Aura. It is a sleek conceptual design for delivering clear audio from the resonating glass.

2. Niagara speakers


Designed by Waterfall Audio, the speakers are made up of sleek glass case. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the Niagara was made of diamond glass which prevents unwanted vibrations due to high density. It is a creation using hand stitched Nappa leather and solid aluminum. The woofers measuring 8.26 is situated at the base of the loudspeaker, while the horn tweeter crosses over to the midrange drivers. It has the illusion of glass and water in its clarity and deepness of sound and comes for a whooping $53,000 per pair.

3. Harmon Kardon GLA-55 glass speakers

Harmon Kardon GLA-55 Glass Speakers

It is a set of glass crystal speakers created by Harmon Kardon who claims this 2.0 speaker system as the best. It has a 56 watt speaker digital amplifier, Atlas AL drives, woofer and CMMD tweeter, DSP equalization and a 3.5 mm Jake. This is a multimedia speaker for minimalist decor based on great style and quality. It produces high audio quality with clear bass and sound in all direction. It has a touch sensitive volume controls while the speaker emit 110 watts sound with a smooth tweeter sound up to 20 KHz.

4. Greensounds glass speakers

Greensound's glass speakers

These speakers uses the glass component to project sound which are like striking the right chords in quality. There is a sound generator at the base of the Greensound which vibrates the glass into projecting sound from both sides. The glass produces different sound frequency according to its structure. High frequency note is produced from the curved area, mid-range sounds from the middle and low frequencies from the area at the bottom near the base. The speakers come in two model series, the Serac Series and the Floe Series with their own distinct designs. Color changing lights are also built in at the base for better variation.

5. Kenwood’s glass speakers with LED stand

Kenwood’s Glass Speakers

This pair of glass speakers pimped either with a blue LED or white LED stand has been created by Kenwood Japan. It has an output of 2×10 watts at 80hm and has a 6 cm subwoofer and 2.5 cm tweeters. They are both encased in aluminum cast frame to reduce unnecessary vibrations. In Japan, the speakers are priced at $1,050 and $ 210 each for the stands.

6. Recycled glass loudspeakers

Recycled Glass Loudspeakers

Designed by Alex Killeavy, these loudspeakers are built for sustainability both for entertainment and for the environment as well. Using recycled glass the designer has created user friendly woofers and tweeter components which are replaceable. The design is sophisticated and created with sound material choices to last a lifetime. Its aesthetic design is pleasing for home decor as well.

7. Harion glass speaker set


This speaker set is designed by Japanese firm Harion and is made of heat resistant glass. It has two woofer sets, two tweeters and two mid-range speakers. It is fully hand made and took 23 subcontractors more than three years to design and produce. This custom made design gives out high sound quality as does its price at $168,000.

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