7 Foldable scooters for smart and effortless transportation

Foldable scooters

The growing concern to save the environment from the harmful greenhouse gases has prompted many of us to use greener source of energy in our life. People are now adopting the use of ecofriendly articles in their lives. Transportation is an important part of our life and the advancement of technology has allowed us to design and develop greener vehicles which are powered by alternative sources of energy.

These vehicles do not emit any CO2. Electric two wheelers are also gaining popularity these days with many companies launching foldable electric scooter.

Here is the list of seven foldable scooters for smart and effortless transportation.

1. Evo foldable scooter

Evo foldable scooter

The credit for designing Evo foldable scooter goes to Luca Abate, a student designer. Abate had designed this electric scooter for the Australian Design Award. Ultra light aluminum is used to make the body of this beautiful scooter weighing about 9.92 pounds. The scooter can be used for short distance traveling. The Evo foldable scooter is eco friendly and it can turn into a good option to replace the conventional vehicles which emit harmful gases. The foldable design and the lightweight body make EVO a unique and attractive scooter. This foldable scooter is best for those who do not want to spend hours to park their vehicles.

2. O2 all electric scooter

O2 all electric scooter

Designed and manufactured by XOR Motors, the XO2 is an all-electric foldable scooter which is 100 percent emission free. XOR Motors unveiled this foldable scooter in Milan during the EICMA Motorbike Show. This foldable scooter is perfect for travel in cities. The battery used in this foldable scooter can be recharged just like we charge our mobile phone. According to XOR Motors, the batteries get recharged to 80% of capacity after a two-hour recharge. This scooter turns into a luggage cart of quarter cubic meter after folding. This electric scooter can reach a maximum speed of 100 mph. The XOR Motors had announced that three variants of the scooters will be released initially.

3. Alpha folding scooter

Alpha folding scooter

Alpha folding scooter is a small scooter perfect for short distance travel. This foldable, ecofriendly scooter has a little carbon footprint and you need to face any parking hassle. The scooter features an adjustable seat. The major disadvantage of this scooter is its look and its size. This small scooter does not look perfect for grown up individuals. It is definitely useful because it is ecofriendly but a grown up man will look clumsy while riding this folding scooter.

4. I/O electric scooter

I/O electric scooter

Jean Baptiste De Clercq, an industrial designer, deserves credit for coming up with the ecofriendly I/O electric scooter concept. This foldable scooter has a classy design and it is lightweight. You can carry this foldable scooter to wherever you want. This green scooter is powered by an electric motor which is fueled by rechargeable battery. This foldable scooter is perfect for short distance travel.

5. Foldable electric Skoota

Foldable electric Skoota

Foldable electric scooter named Skoota is the brainchild of designer Stuart Emmerson. This scooter is powered by electricity and it is 100 percent emission free. This electric scooter is perfect for those who are eco conscious and want to do their bit for the environment. The Skoota is a good mode of transportation for short distance travel. It is powered by an electric motor which is fueled by rechargeable battery. The motor is fitted in the wheel. This foldable scooter features LED headlight.

6. City Cruiser

City Cruiser

The credit for designing ecofriendly “City Cruiser” goes to Polish designer Milosz Dabrowski. This all-electric, emission free is perfect for commuting inside city. This foldable scooter can be folded to keep inside the hood of the car. The City Cruiser runs on an electric motor. A 550 W NiMH nickel-hydride accumulator power this motor. The battery pack is fitted in the rear wheel hub and it generates electric current of 90 to 260 V. City Cruiser can attain a maximum speed of 50 km/h. The range of this scooter is 30 km. The frame of this scooter is made of carbon fiber while seating and steering handles are wrapped in eco leather.

7. Geetobee folding scooter

Geetobee folding scooter

Jamily Design Studio has conceived the idea of the Geetobee folding scooter which is perfect for intercity commuting. This foldable scooter is all-electric and it is powered by an electric motor. The motor runs on the power derived from the rechargeable battery. This foldable scooter is available in different colors. This all-electric vehicle is ecofriendly because it does not emit harmful gases.

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