Seven most expensive keyboards to allow effortlessness computing

Most expensive Keyboards

The keyboards are one of the most essential part of a computer and is the most used component of a computer. These keyboards define most of the computer and it looks odd if you have a stylish computer but still using an age old styled keyboard. Since its evolution, the keyboards have been improved in terms of both functioning and style and what matches the new age computer is the latest technology and stylish keyboards.

The keyboards these days are made with ultimate luxurious looks and marvelous designs. These stunning keyboards are a rage among the youth and students and also among people who like collecting luxurious items. These ultra-stylish and luxurious keyboards are expensive but still for what they look and deliver, they are worth of keeping in stock. Here is a list of seven most expensive keyboards to allow effortlessness computing.

1. Maltron keyboard

Maltron Keyboard

The Maltron is the one of the most expensive keyboard ever made and is a complete unique device. This doesn’t look like a traditional keyboard, though it offers same functioning in a new re-defined way. It is estimated that you can increase up to 20% of your typing speed using this cool keyboard. It uses the best technology available and makes use of Cherry MX switches which are considered to be the best in the world. This is compatible with most of the OS and is priced at $490.

2. Fairlight keyboard

Fairlight Keyboard

The Fairlight is a complete new age keyboard which comprises of different colored keys with a bit of traditional looks. The keys are made out of the most expensive elements and the on-screen display provided on the keyboard looks stunning. It’s not just a keyboard; it also includes the latest Fairlight’s CC-1 digital media engine too. This is no medium income person deal; it is made for the extreme professionals. It is priced at whooping $28,000.

3. Happy hacking keyboard

Happy Hacking Keyboard

Hacking is the word around and people love doing this kind of stuff for fun or for some kind of business. Whatever it be, this keyboard is made keeping the hackers in mind and is designed to meet their basic needs. This is of no use for a common person as it’s hard to understand its functioning. This cool keyboard is made in Japan and is known for both the speed and silence.

4. Kirameki pure gold keyboard


Gold is what defines most of our passion and love. What could be better a gold keyboard for all gold lovers? This is a complete gold plated keyboard which is given black cool bordering that adds to the beauty of the keyboard. Moreover the cool looks and the awesome design is what making this keyboard high in the market. The best thing is that this keyboard is completely made out of gold and is priced at just $360.

5. FingerWorks TouchStream LP

FingerWorks TouchStream LP

This semi-adjustable keyboard looks stunning and is way above other keyboards in terms of style and luxury. This keyboard provides ultimate comfort to your hands and is designed especially for those who love typing for hours and are used to operate keyboard all day. The keyboard is provided with an adjustable pad with comes out of the base and the centre portion is made semi-adjustable which opens up and has a small room inside that space. It is available on eBay at affordable prices.

6. orbiTouch Keyless ergonomic keyboard


This is one of the most unique keyboards ever made and the best part is that it doesn’t contain any keys on it. Instead it is provided with a pair of domes that are incorporated on the keyboard which does the same work as that of a traditional keyboard. This concept keyboard reduces the effect of typing on fingers as it just requires the virtual keys. Simple to use and elegant looks makes this keyboard way above others and for what it delivers, it’s worth of keeping in stock. It is priced at just $695.

7. The optimus organic LED keyboard


The expensive Optimus keyboard derives most of its design and the format from traditional keyboards with an addition of few shortcut keys on the extreme left side of the keyboard. These additional keys are provided with various colors that add to the beauty of the keyboard. The keyboard is made with OLEDs which provides ultimate comfort to the hand of the user. This is the latest technology in keyboards and is highly appreciated for what it provides to the user. It is available in various special models and some of these are specially made for people like gamers and typists.

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