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Photosynthesis car concepts for a clean and green ride

The future of automobile technology has definitely taken the right green turn. Electric powered engines, hybrids and now photosynthesis car concepts. Developers all over the world are keen on creating vehicles that run on clean renewable sources of energy. The vision of people like Michal Vlec and Klavir have taken us to yet another revolutionary vehicle concept that derive its power from natural photosynthesis. Sounds very unnatural, doesn’t it? But the concepts are out for you to look and appreciate. Astonishingly, the vehicle is supposed to grow turf on its own and extract sustainable power for the car’s electric motor. The car concept has futuristic joystick controls and nano plastic body ensuring a clean and safe drive. Here are a few car concepts from the best automobile manufacturers, a peek into the future!

Photosynthesis Car

The idea behind the design is not just clean, sustainable power but also to provide a natural environment for the passengers to be seated in. The extraordinary look of the car has plants growing on its own to derive sustainable energy for the car’s electric motor. The vehicle will have one of its kind solar panels that will generate energy from natural photosynthesis. The technical information is not yet reveled but the idea is of the essence right now. It’s one step closer towards generating sustainable power for automobiles.

Hummer O2

The Hummer O2 concept is the winner of The Los Angeles Auto Show’s Design Challenge. The futuristic phototropic body shell will enable the vehicle to produce fresh oxygen as the emission. The Algae-filled body panels will absorb the carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen, clean enough to breathe. The car is supposed to have rugged capabilities ensuring safety. The Hummer O2 by GM is an environment-friendly take on the automobile industry.

Oxyi Hybrid Vehicle

The SUV looking OXYI Hybrid Concept Vehicle will also derive its power from the process of photosynthesis. The vehicle will absorb the surrounding carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and the released gas will be oxygen ensuring a clean and green environment. The car will run on an electric motor and make the most efficient use of solar energy to derive power for it. The car will have battery charging capabilities though induction charging points. It is a concept towards a sustainable future.

Hyundai City Car

The small compact car design by Hyundai is yet to make a mainstream entry. The concept design shows a small city car that will work on the photosynthesis technology relying on solar energy. The designer, Nicholas Stone has designed this four-seat that will have a transparent solar panel to derive the energy for the electric motor. The byproduct of the “artificial photosynthetic process” will be clean oxygen. The city Car is a wonderful Hyundai concept for a greener environment.

SAIC-GM YeZ Concept Car

This concept car design is the mutual effort of SAIC and GM. In addition to the solar panels similar to all other photosynthetic concept car designs, this vehicle design has a wind turbine located in the wheels. This means that the car will derive power for its electric motor from the sun as well as wind. A technical explanation when out will be thoroughly interesting. The intake will be CO2 and clean oxygen will be the byproduct. The vehicle is supposed to be used in the year 2030.

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