Motorcycle baby seat designs to move your toddler in comfort

We have all ridden with our parents on bikes as children and many of us would love to relive those wonderful memories with our own kids. But with the increasing traffic and road accidents it’s only natural to be worried about the safety of our little ones. However there are ways to keep your tot safe and still enjoy the fun of a bike ride. Just as we get a load of accessories for motorcycles ranging from luggage holders to extra seats, nowadays specially designed baby seats are also available. Let’s take a look at few of them:

Baby Seat for Motorcycles

There are many types of baby seats for motorcycles. They range from fittings that can be attached to the side of the bike, the rear or the front. These seats keep in mind that safety and comfort are of prime importance. Supporting your child’s frame in a healthy manner across the ride is of more importance especially for the younger ones. Also seats must be chosen keeping in mind the frequency and duration of such rides.

Bike baby seat

One of the best bets for a safe and comfortable baby seat is the one designed by Andrea Puttaggio. This seat is designed to be able to sit on the motorcycle. It promises the ultimate safety with a cellular enclosure along with a seat belt to keep the baby in place in case of brakes being applied. Besides the safety, it provides a comfortable seat for the kid, thanks to the cushioning on all sides. The concept has still not gone into production; however the waiting list of dads looking out for this product is sure to be many.

WeeRide Baby Bike Seat

This baby seat is simple and easily accessible, unlike seats that need to be fitted at the back of the motorcycle. This provides better visibility for both the parent and for the child. The parent can keep an eye on what the child is doing at all times, while the baby can also enjoy the view. While you only have the handle bars to rest on, this baby seat gives the child the luxury of a soft pad dashboard on which they can even take a nap. With comfortable feet rests and seat belt this is sure to allow you and your child enjoy a pleasant bike trip. Available on the Weeride Website this product can be availed at over $169.

Baby Ride from Givi

Givi the Italian motorcycle equipment and accessories manufacturer has introduced a baby seat for parents wishing to take their kids on a ride. These seats are back mounts very similar to baby seats in cars. It can be attached to the back of a 650CC bike and provides a protective enclosure for the child to sit in. Seat belts ensure added safety. Designed to suit the needs of children between 5 to 8 years, it also has foot rest and handles. The polyurethane material ensures both flexible comfort as well as rigid structure for safety. These can be booked on the official Givi Website.

Motorcycle Baby Seat

This baby seat is again a back mount similar to the car baby seats; of course this seat is designed to be more structured for a motorcycle. Fitted on the back this seat can promise a comfortable and safe ride, provided you are comfortable having the baby on the back. Visibility regarding checking on what the child is doing will be an issue. The frame is rigid in structure to be able to absorb shocks but is also well cushioned to provide soft comfort. With steady seat belts and a gentle slide in shape, the baby can lay back and enjoy the ride.

These seats be it back, side or front mounts promise safety and comfort, so try one of them for a short fun ride with your baby.

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