5 Decorative lights made from plastic cups

Plastic cup light

The Christmas time is around. Haven’t you got that pinch of illuminating your house and vicinities like a star studded heaven? As illuminating by turning green is as significant as to live in this ecofriendly era, try out something new with the thrown away plastic cups which are of course, non degradable.

We give you five such creative ideas to make decorative lights from plastic cups which are radiant enough to light up the holiday season.

1. Lilliputian lamp

Lilliputian Lamp

The perfect way to turn green this Christmas is to utilize the waste material optimally which is what the Lilliputian lamp offers. Lilliputian lamp is basically made out of abundant used rinsing cups in a dental clinic. The lamp size depends on our requirement. The used cups placed on the top of paper-made sphere are tucked into a 40 watt bulb. Whether it is its transparent feature or its quality of photon’s circulated through plastic cups, the Lilliputian Lamp radiation is equally circulated through vicinities.

2. My little sister’s tea party

My little sister's tea party

Perhaps, you might be puzzled to what to do with the bunch of plastic cups soon after your sister’s tea party. No worries, we’ve got a idea. Make them ecofriendly lights by placing them on top of a paper embedded Hemisphere connecting each through paper clips. Place a light beneath the paper and hang it on to tree branch to give a look of celestial radiation. The design is similar to nature based bee-hives structure and the light transmitted through these disposable cups is almost awestruck. Mostly, it is best suited to outdoor light set up.

3. Sustainable pendant chandelier

Sustainable pendant chandelierAs the name itself suggests the design is sustainable if taken proper care in terms of placing less voltage light thus the plastic glasses placed on top of this branched lighting fixture will not burn up. The illumination depends on the quality and clarity of plastic material which has been used to made the disposable cups. This light is usually made up with paper covered by transparent plastic glasses. However, kindly make sure that the voltage of the bulb should not exceed 40 watt. The size may vary according to preference, 12 inch or 18 inch.

4. Coffee Cup Chandelier

Coffee Cup Chandelier

The very moment when you see it, the coffee cup chandelier gives you a feeling of hanged illuminated football. Isn’t it? Of course, in a football the blocks are hexagonal, where in this design the circular blocks attract you. Coffee cup chandelier is made out of used paper material coffee cups. Due to the paper’s translucency, the light emitted through it gives a different kind of glow as if the material is incandescent. Again the caution is to use a low voltage bulb. A high voltage bulb can spoil the total design.

5. Lamps made of drinking cups

Lamps Made of Drinking Cups

Designed by Peter Castellucci this lamp made from drinking cups gives a unique lamp shade look as the light is being emitted through stacked drinking cups it gives a beautiful glowing effect. Among all the designs we have discussed till now, this design is bit tricky in placing lights especially without disturbing the piled up cups order.

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