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Corporate interior design ideas to refurbish your workplace

You get an instant idea of whether you want to work for a particular firm or company the moment you step into the office for the job interview. This first impression is very vital, not only for the employees but even for the employers as everyone wants to have employees who last longer in their career setting. Almost everyone explores many careers and if you are able to help your employees in finding their niche, then its for sure that he will hone his potentials to the fullest until he succeeds in reaping his awards for a job well done. Indirectly, all these efforts are going to benefit you and your company, so its very important to have that effective first impression on your employers when they step into your office for the interview. The reception area gives you a basic idea of what you are getting yourself into. It must be spacious and unassuming and at the same time, the receptionist and other employees must be welcoming and accommodating. The people around will appear more hostile if the interiors are intimidating. You must take the help of a masterful corporate interior designer to achieve a professional and at the same time, cheerful and energetic working environment.

Reception area

This portion of your workplace is going to represent your company to the prospective clients, future employees and visitors. The receptionist desk is the main element of this area. It must be located at a place from where the people coming in and out of the office can be easily seen and monitored. The back wall of the receptionist desk is the perfect place for setting the company signage. Make sure that the letters written on it are clear and distinct so that they can be easily read. As far as the size of the room is concerned, it basically depends upon the people and their activities. You can even designate sofas and ottoman stools in the waiting area if it is a big company and the reception area is wider. The interior should be such that it allows people to converse and conduct themselves in pleasant and orderly manner. Firm upholstery must be used for the sofas and to use leatherette in the sea cushions as it is easy to maintain.

General office space

This is that portion of your workplace where business comes to life. Most often, this is a wide open space where collaboration between employees and individual work happens, in other words it is the hub of the employees. If you are having a small office, then the layout must be simple and open, there should be minimum partition except occasional cubicles designed for higher ranking employees. However, in an office where the number of employees is more then you need to provide them a little privacy. Low wall partition and cubicles is best suited for employers who require semi-privacy. It separates the workspace of each employee from others. To make these different layouts effective, you need to make sure that traffic flow is smooth, utilities are easily accessible and there is proper ventilation and lighting to make collaboration easy and efficient.

Conference room

Some of the most important activities which are very crucial for the success of the company like presentation of business proposals and deals take place in the conference room so its very imperative that the layout of this place be suitable for all these activities. Usually, the conference room must be on the side of the building so that sufficient amount of light enters into it. The table in the conference room can be triangular or circular and it must be large enough to accommodate a minimum of 8 person to a maximum of 30 persons. If the number of people are less than that, then meeting could be held in an office and if the number of people are more, then it could be held in a conference hall. The electrical outlets must be near the table so that laptops and other electronic devices can be easily utilized. Make sure there is an allocated space for the projector screen so that presentation could be given on it. A console table can prove to be very handy as it can be used as a useful surface for documents, presentation boards and sometimes even refreshments. Swivel chairs with adjustable height are best for the conference room as these are manageable and comfortable. Go for the colors with subdued tones or it will be even better to use simple monochromatic schemes.

Private office

As far as the layout of a private office is concerned, it must be flexible enough to have as many variations as possible. For a small office, an office desk with built-in shelves and two chairs for the guests is sufficient. However, you can even have the liberty of having a sitting area with chairs, sofas and coffee table provided that your office has a wider area. Nowadays, decorating offices has grown into a functional trend. Ultra modern swivel chairs are paired with clear glass desks with sculpted legs. Floating wood shelves and glossy cabinet have replaced those bulky wooden shelves. To fit with the exquisite and sleek look of the office, the walls are modified accordingly. To enhance the transparency and supervision of the people in the office, mirrors and full length glass walls are often used as partitions.

Pantry and restroom

Corporate interior design is not complete without pantry and restroom. An office pantry and restroom are an essential requirement of an office and must be given fair attention. They serve as the leisure space for the employers where they can unwind for a while. The room must be large enough to accommodate coffee makers, refrigerators, water dispensers and sink counters. A counter with a number of dining chairs must also be present there. You can even include lockers in this area. Some companies, especially the call centers even provide sleeping quarters for the employees who work on the night shifts. The restroom must be located at a place such that it can be accessed easily by everyone. Corner area of the building is best suited for the restrooms.

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