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4N DS 21122010 MS represents the next generation of protective masks

With airborne epidemics like SARS and bio-terrorism no longer being figments of science fiction writers, the traditional protective mask may not be the ideal solution to combat air-borne infections. The national finalist from Switzerland for the James Dyson Award, the 4N DS 21122010 MS protective mask is a new take on the usual single-way protective mask that features a common half mask’s bearing system and the mask body of the one-way mask. The optimized solution guarantees optimal positioning and a perfect fit that is essential when the mask is being used in places where the risk of contamination is high.

multi-way mask

To make the masks more durable and give them a longer working life, the multi-way mask features a one-way filter that sits between the two bowls of the 4N DS 21122010 MS protective mask’s body. This allows the users to clean and change the filters as required and as often and also choose the strength of the filtration system. Depending on degree of contamination and the amount of time that the mask needs to be worn, the mask can be customized and optimized for individual users.

multi-way mask

Equipped on a maximum, the interior and outer shell features recesses that allow the user to remain fatigue-free and maintain a good respiration. The mask can also be adjusted to optimize fit via a color coding system that guides to user to seamlessly contour the mask to their face. On the nasal septum, the 4N DS 21122010 MS protective mask features an eye protector that can integrated into its structure via a simple plug-on mechanism.

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