4hone is a four piece cellphone for convertible mobile telephony

Full touch screen phones are awesome till you realize that your texting needs are better fulfilled by a phone with a keypad. Phones with high resolution cameras are also great but they cost a bundle. Similarly, phones that offer video calling are often expensive and when you can find one for less, you find that the front secondary camera doesn’t have the kind of resolution you really wanted. To allow users to get a variety of stupendous features in a single phone, designer Philip Pearce has created a modular four piece cellphone called the 4hone.

4hone cellphone

Inspired by the different ways customers interact with their phones, the concept aims at improving user experience by offering them a value for money alternative that lets them configure their phone for a lot more features via simple add-on contraptions. Thanks to a detachable translucent keyboard, users can use the phone in full touch mode when they need to use a bigger display and add on the keypad to make typing easier when they need to send a text or an email.

To turn the phone into a dedicated music phone, users can also attach a set of speaker that fit right onto the phone so they don’t have to carry around a speaker dock. For photography buffs, the phone comes with a detachable camera that can capture high resolution picture as well as provide a high resolution video when users need to make a video call. An additional slot for a micro SD card helps users boost storage as well.

[Cheers Philip]

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