Four most recent 4G tablets worth a look

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab

The 3G tablets have given way to the latest and most advanced tablets- the 4G tablets. The major difference between 3G and 4G technologies is the supersonic speed with which web browsing becomes a delight. With the speed at which you can access the Internet with 4G tablets, it is difficult to switch back to the 3G ones. A 4G tablet offers a download rate of 30,000 kbps. Tablets are primarily used for high data consumption such as online e-reading, watching videos and video conferencing. They are different from smart phones in that you cannot make calls or send text messages. Even though 4G is an extension of 3G technology, the 4G technology is about to introduce new dimensions in data transmission with a speed that may reach up to 5 gigabytes per second.

4G technology has been kept free from circuit design and it relies more on the packet design thus achieving data transfer in nanoseconds. The main feature of 4G is that it relies on spatial multiplexing. This is primarily a smart antenna system used by ITU (International Telecommunication Union) that is used in the deployment of data transmission and receiving. By using a number of antennas, there is a remarkable increase in the speed and facilitation of the data transfer process. Here are the most recent 4G tablets that are worth a definite look:

1. Motorola Xoom 4G

Motorola Xoom tab

Slated for a release in October, this is the most recent addition in 4G tablets. It looks like a winner all the way with all its capabilities. It is slightly thick and heavy but the metal frame of Xoom 4G tablet gives a sturdy and dependable feel. It comes with a standard micro USB port, HDMI output and 64 GB of memory storage space. It can support both Flash and Windows Media Files with amazing clarity. Motorola Xoom 4G is sure to give other 4G tablets a run for their money. The price is yet to be announced.

2. Acer Iconia

Acer Iconia A500 Tab

AT&T has teamed up with Acer to provide 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network connectivity for its latest new entrant Acer Iconia Tablet A501. This new offering from Acer is based on the Android 4.0 Honeycomb OS and is fully featured with a solid build. It comes with a 10.1 display touch screen and a 5 mega pixel camera. The Acer Iconia tablet is equipped with the nVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor and has a micro USB 2.0 port. Other capabilities include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI output and micro HSDC card slot. It is approximately priced at $330 with a two-year data agreement with AT&T.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Verizon 4G LTE

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab

Powered by Verizon Wireless, the leading network connectivity provider for 4G LTE in the USA, the Samsung Galaxy10.1 tablet is one of the best Android based tablets in the market. In fact, it is now causing ripples and a few flutters in the makers of iPad2 and iPad3 as Apple has not upgraded them to 4G as of now. The Samsung Galaxy 4G tablet is built on nVIDIA’s dual cor Cortex A9 processor, that has a speed of 1GHz, 1GB RAM and 16/32 GB memory storage capacity. It runs on the Android 4.0 Honeycomb operating system. This tablet has a touch of class and style and is amazingly designed to fit in perfectly in your hands with a solid grip. The display touch screen too is stunningly clear with a 10.1 inch dimension. It is priced at approximately $530.

4. HTC Jetstream

HTC Jetstream Tablet

The latest tablet to join the 4G group, HTC Jetstream is the costliest 4G tablet in the market with an astronomical price of approximately $699.99! It runs on Android 3.1 Honeycomb with excellent 4G and HSPA+ capabilities. It has teamed up with AT&T for the 4G network connectivity and that is a two-year contract. With a 10.1 inch WXCA capacitive display touch screen, it is powered by 1GHz SnapDragon processor. It is a fully featured 4G tablet that delivers awesome connectivity and clarity in networks and web browsing.

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