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World’s 10 Strangest Pair of Shoes

World’s 10 Strangest Pair of Shoes

The world is a strange place to live in and the people are stranger. However, if you want to know about the strangest things, they are the inventions and creations of these people. Find out below the 10 strangest shoes in the world. Be prepared as your preconceived notions about shoes are going to change here. You are about to see some funny, innovative and even disturbing shoe designs.

Cardboard Shoes

There is nothing strange in the looks of the shoe. It is the material of which it is made up of that makes it to the list of strangest shoes. Made up of cardboard, you ought not to wear it during inclement weather if you want it to remain fine.

Hot Wheels Shoes

They look like hot wheels but are actually not made up of them. They seem to give the necessary entertainment to little kids as well. Moreover, they look cute too.

The Gameboy Shoe

You must have heard of getting entertainment on the go. However, you possibly have not heard of a shoe that contains a device to entertain you on the move. A portable entertainment system is right here for you. Remove the same from the shoe and start playing.

The High-Chair Heels

This pair of shoes resembles a modern high-chair. When you wear them, you become 6 inches taller. The dangerous part is that your feet sit almost vertically on the shoes. Wear them if you want to make a bold statement but be extremely careful.

The Claw Shoes

People who like Gothic fashion would surely love them. However, they ought to walk almost barefooted with this pair of talon looking shoes.

The Center Heel Corkscrew Shoe

This pair of shoes is strange in every respect. Firstly, the heel is not placed where we normally find it. Secondly, the heel resembles a corkscrew. Thirdly, the overall design of the shoe is very different. Lastly, you have to be a trained acrobat in order to be able to walk easily wearing it.

The Landscape Shoe

This is for nature lover. This is a piece of art that ought to be preserved. This pair of shoes would look better in a showcase than on your feet.

The Pant Shoe

It is actually difficult to make out whether it is a pair of pants or pair of shoes. It could well be a mixture of both. It is better to decide yourself. Remember to check the pros and cons before buying it.

The Rat Shoe

This pair of shoes resembling dead rats is perfect for Halloween. However, they look quite disturbing too and not advisable for people who are weak at heart.

Tarantula Shoe

Apart from being strange, it is also the most dangerous pair of shoes. Considering the height of the heel, it is absolutely not advisable for people with weak ankle. The presence of a live tarantula inside it makes is scarier.

It is true that picking anyone for yourself would not be easier but if you do, be assured of grabbing eyeballs towards your feet.

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    I might actually wear the tarantula ones because I would forget it was there lol the pants ones look kinda weird tho

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