2025 Fiat Prime City Car Concept is yet another ‘fail’ on the future car design scene

For some odd reason, automobile designer seem to think that car buyers in the future will be attracted to boxy, and rugged-edged vehicles that look something like go-karts (yes, go-karts not the race cars found in high end Formula racing) that are found at circuits at local amusement parks. Unattractive and unimaginative as the prospect is, designers still keep going back to the basic unappealing silhouette and the Fiat Prime 2025 City Car Concept by designer Joshua Shercliff is yet another disappointing addition to the genre.

Fiat Prime Concept

Intended to be a sports car/ pod hybrid, the single seater apparently is designed for the urban shopaholic who doesn’t really care about hogging half the road as long as the boot of their car can hold all the loot they scored from the sales at their favorite mall. Like many other impractical designs in the genre, the Fiat Prime City Car Concept too fails to account for the kind of fuel it would take to operate such a massive structure and what a shameless waste it would be to have such vehicles ferry around one person at a time while occupying all that space on roads and in parking lots.

Of course the designer has included the mandatory glass canopy that he claims would be sectioned into seven pieces to make the cabin feel less claustrophobic. The panoramic roof is also designed to slide back with a reverse scissor motion to make the user feel like a celebrity. The super low slung roof too is another attempt at trying to offer the sports car experience to the average driver though the designer makes no mention of any mechanisms that come even remotely close to the safety mechanisms that sports car with similar rooflines offer driver to prevent them from fatalities in case of an accident.

Via: Tech Cracks

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