All Down to the Expensive Designer Booties

With the mercury precariously dipping all over the world, every woman who is stylish and every man who loves watching and admiring stylish women is all set to suffer a serious blow. The sundresses will vanish; the low cuts dresses stuffed behind the closet and worse of all, the disgusting business of layering up will begin all over again.

To add insult to the injury ladies, it will be several months before you can show off or let men take a dig at your knockers and caboose. Come one, there is no shame in admitting that you simply lurrrrrrrrveeeeeee the attention, most of you anyway. Unless a beach vacation is on the agenda, the 50 shades of layering is quite a threat to the usual open self. So what can be done?

Simple; focus upon the one part of your body which can be covered well and yet looks mouthwatering. Confused? Booties ladies, boots! What makes you happy when you are down? Shopping! And what makes you radiant when the world comes to the blows? Shoe shopping, correct!

So venture out and explore some of the most expensive boots in the world which will up your spirits and your sense of fashion. And yeah, will certainly do something about highlighting your caboose, though the knockers’ part is up to the warlocks!

[box_dark]Manolo Blahnik Boots- ‘Kahika’ Floral Cutout Boots[/box_dark]

Uncannily designed in florals, with the suede uppers, four inch heels will take your breath away once you look at them or hold it close. And yes, the boots are open toes, which might pose as a problem to many.

However, find that inner voice and you will know that this pair has to in your closet, even if you have to match it with stockings or something. Also, keep your plastic card-ssss ready as you will be paying a leg and an arm!

[box_dark]Giuseppe Zanotti ‘I08085”- Thigh-High Designer Boots[/box_dark]

So what if those sundresses are gone for the moment. You will certainly be looking at alternative options which will help you keep some part of your legs empty and that’s when these wonderful, practical and yet sexy boots will make everybody envy you. Black suede, ultra-tall shafts of 26 inches, shimmering crystal design and 1.5 inch heels, what’s not to love ladies?

And don’t worry about the prices as purchasing these boots will definitely set you back on shopping for a long time to come, owing to its very very expensive price tag.

[box_dark]Fendi ‘Vertigo’- Beaded Suede Designer Booties[/box_dark]

Unique and artsy, this pair of boots will certainly make women who love to dress up very happy. Animal print designed on black suede uppers with cutaway sides flaunts a style which is very bold and different. Further addition of the shimmering beads to the uppers has definitely made it something off the ground, highlighted generously by the 4.75 stilettos and the unbelievable price tag.

[box_dark]Jimmy Choo and UGG- Casual Designer Boots[/box_dark]

You can never go wrong with Choos and UGG further highlights the factor. Grommets, gold silver-toned pepperings pretty much throughout the boots will make you fall in love with cuteness again. The about $800 bill will wake you up, don’t worry!

[box_dark]Knee High Designer Boots- Proenza Schouler ‘Oi0800’[/box_dark]

With shafts of 14.5 inches and a .75 inch heels, your first thought will be on the lines of equestrian boots. Perfect for a casual look with pants, it is available in shades of brown, black and sand.

Swarovski Bathtub Designs

[box_dark]Swarovski Studded Eco-friendly Bathtub Designs[/box_dark]

Bathtubs mostly deal with inviting water and ample space. They involve luxury more than usability. And diamonds represent the height of luxury. So, it is a no-brainer that the two worlds would collide eventually, and the results are beyond your wildest imagination. Each Swarovski studded bathtub is a work of art and when eco-friendliness is thrown into the mix, you will be hard-pressed to find a home worthy of harbouring such a perfect object.

[box_dark]Sabbia Luxury Soaker[/box_dark]

Sabbia, the international luxury brand, has teamed with crystal giant, Swarovski, to produce what the company has elegantly termed a “bejeweled velvety soaker”. The extremely classy bathtub boasts of 4030 Swarovski crystals hand set in a curvaceous floral pattern that is able to add the proper dose of glamour to your in-home spa. The main tub has been composed using Sandstone technology, which is both organic and eco-friendly. Details about availability and pricing are yet to be revealed. The tubs will be displayed at Sao Paulo and Rio, prior to which you can catch a sneak peek of this breathtaking tub at the House Shopping Park in Brasilia from the 17th to the 28th of November.

[box_dark]Bathtub for Baby B: Diamonds are a Little Girl’s Best Friend[/box_dark]

Celebrity power couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z recently welcomed baby Blue Ivy into the world. The couple had received an expensive gift at the time of expecting from family friend, singer Kelly Rowland – a crystal Swarovski studded bathtub to the tune of $7,000. The Swarovski crystals on the tub have been applied by hand in detail. Being covered all over with pink crystals, the bathtub happens to be perfect for the baby girl. The tub can double up as a beverage chiller in case of parties. The tub was designed by Lori Gardner and required several hours of painstaking labour to attach over 44,928 imported crystals. The tub weighs more than 3,000 pounds.

[box_dark]Fit for Six: Arcaro Martini Bold Gold[/box_dark]

Arcaro Martini unveiled the brand’s new bathtub crafted with 24 carat gold accents. The luxurious piece of bathroom decor is lined with leather and boasts of Swarovski crystal trimmings. The brainchild of designers, Roberto Martini and Giacomo Arcaro, the Exec Digital bathtub has a custom whirlpool design. Each bathtub of the line is an exclusive product, limited to a single piece. Instead of simple basic designs, there is a leather and gold featuring white leather and yellow gold, another with eco-friendly black leather and gold with Swarovski trimming. The final one is a gold antique bathtub with black leather and Swarovski crystals. The tub is large enough to comfortably fit six people. Each tub consists of a lifetime Platinum Elite structure with five years of electrical and two outer coating. The exquisite tub has managed to grab the attention of all the best luxury magazines.

[box_dark]Aqua Mass Crystal Baroque Art[/box_dark]

The Aqua Mass double luxury bathtub is the upshot of the creative collaboration between designer baths producer Aqua Mass and Swarovski Crystal. The gorgeous baroque piece comes in two separate neutral colours – black and white – and has a price tag of US $19,670/ 13,980 EUR.

[box_dark]Exotic Swarovski Diamond Teuco Bathtub[/box_dark]

The Swarovski studded bathtub from Teuco may cost a bomb but the elements that went into the making of the bathtub are worth the hefty price tag. The exotic piece of bath ware, made in collaboration with Fiona Winter Swarovski, consists of intricate design on the edge of the tub. In terms of appearance, the tub looks a lot like a large piece of jewellery and will me more at home in a safe instead of your bathroom.

Shower Designs for the Best Bathing Experience

Well here is good news for all those who dream of having the best bathing experience in their bathrooms! We will tell you about some of the best shower designs available and you can choose the best for yourself.

[box_dark]An INIZO shower-[/box_dark] Guarantees you the best showering experience. This cocoon shaped shower offers the best luxury experience ever. There are embedded rollers out there to massage your body while you sit in it comfortably. It brings you back to life after a tiring work. It even allows you to watch movies and read newspaper. Isn’t it a perfect way to pamper you!

[box_dark]Colour changing showers – [/box_dark]This shower comes with temperature controlled light to give you exactly the type of shower you need. Temperature changes from Green (32 degree centigrade) to red (45 degree centigrade).The different types of colours are available between blue, orange purple and pink. Wouldn’t it be just wonderful to bathe under water of different colours?

[box_dark]The 18 head shower-[/box_dark] Imagine yourself under a shower with water coming all over you from 18 different shower heads! With adjustable settings of everything from temperature to water pressure .This water shower is designed to just woo you while you bath. It is just perfect….except …urr…the price of this one! It comes for $ 100,000 (yes that’s five zeros) the only turn down of this magnificent shower head.

[box_dark]Touah eco friendly shower systems –[/box_dark] One of the most eco friendly showers made to minimize water wastage during bathing. No electricity ,  no complicated pipelines just one simple piston mechanism to  collect used water from the base and store it in a steel container which you can purify and use again for bathing or other activities.

[box_dark]Pocket shower– [/box_dark]How about a tiny pocket shower you could anywhere you are .A perfect option for Travellers, campers and even tourists. It comes in a fist sized bag but can hold up to 10 litres of water and can absorb solar energy to heat water. Not that expensive. You can buy this one for $ 27 before you go out for camping!

[box_dark]Psychedelic Shower –[/box_dark] The tiles of this shower changes it colour according to the temperature of the current .Base temperature this glass tile will set it to a default colour which will change colour for every 6-10 degree change. Although this seems one of the most interesting showers to own but this will be very expensive.

[box_dark]Shower of end-less space –[/box_dark] this unique shower design never runs out of space .Created in a 3Ds Max and also manages to put together extra seating arena. Also has the perfect techniques for drainage and prevents water from spilling out. One shower you can own if you have ample space in your bathroom.

[box_dark]Rice grain shower – [/box_dark]Named because of its shape which is like the shape of paddy. A unique combination of trend and technology with all the facilities you want. Hydraulic massage system, temperature control, LED lighting based heat sensors and one of the most eco friendly showers out there! Just perfect for a nice relaxing bath.

[box_dark]Solar Powered shower- [/box_dark]How about doing something good for the environment? Let us get some shower head you can use in the bath room as well as in the camps. Ideal for both your pocket and to give you a lovely time while bathing!

So did you choose the perfect one for your house and the features you want in your shower? Will it be the one which relaxes the body or the one which saves our environment? Whatever be it they are all perfect in their own ways now chose the ones that suits you!

Go Green in Style: Design Concepts for Eco Curtains

Curtains are mainly used for the purpose of preventing heat and sunlight from entering the rooms. Draping curtains over the doors and windows secure you. But instead of conventional curtain designs, you can opt for innovative styles that help save energy in many ways. Some curtains come embedded with solar cells to generate energy in sunlight and use it at night for lighting. Other designs help preserve energy.

[box_dark]Energy Efficient Curtain Designs[/box_dark]

The Energy Curtain, conceptualized by the industrial designer team of Johan Redström, Margot Jacobs, Linda Worbin, Ramia Mazé and Carolin Müller, serves separate purpose other than stopping the entry of heat and daylight into your rooms. The curtain is designed to harvest power from heat and sunlight during the day and at night, the light-emitting elements in the inner portion of the curtain will allow it to glow using the stored power. Consequently, your room will benefit from natural light 24×7.

You are able to harvest power during the daytime with the help of the amazing solar curtain concept called Some Shine. Some Shine prevents heat and sunlight from entering your house in sunny days. The solar cells in the curtain harvest power and store it in a charging base. You can charge your tablets, smartphones and LED lamps in the dark with the stored power.

The window-covering Tucson Blackout curtain helps you optimize the warmth in your rooms. Apart from keeping sunlight, cold and noise pollution away, the curtain imparts an impressive look to your rooms. The window curtain has been designed with Thermatic lining, allowing you to save energy costs. The blackout curtain is able to black 99 percent of the light from outside.

Energy Saving Blackout Curtain is an eco-friendly energy-saving curtain that can darken the room any moment of the day. It helps you stay warm in winter and cool during the summer season. You can block noise pollution and sunlight by draping the curtain on your windows. Available in 84 and 63 inch length, the energy saving blackout curtain comes in different colours at a price of $54.99.

[box_dark]Eco Concepts: Curtain Substitutes[/box_dark]

Eco-Leaf Shade consists of OLED and E ink lamps in the form of leaves. The exclusive power harvesting window covering can harvest power from heat and sunlight. Rooms are protected from sunlight and heat in daytime. OLED lamps present within the curtain illuminate at night, using the stored power. The design helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Designed by the Integral Studio Vinaccia, the Solar Module boasts of a LED-embedded solar ceramic tile that you are able to use in the form of a curtain for the windows in your room. You can prevent the entry of heat and sunlight during the day and light up your room at night with the stored power.

The Soft House structure developed from KVA Matx by architect Sheila Kennedy and her team is a great textile embedded with solar cells, capable of producing up to 16,000 watts-hour of power. The textiles can be used to design curtains as well as other materials. They harvest power from heat and sunlight in daytime and illuminate the lights at night.

SunTiles happens to be a curtain powered by sunlight that allows your room to heat up in cold winter days. Astrid Krogh came up with the design for SunTiles, recycling solar panels that had been left unused. Combining a curtain with abandoned photovoltaic cells, she has managed to come up with this amazing natural heating system. Solar panels are woven together with the curtain. Therefore, you get to enjoy natural heat within your room yet, at the same time, manage to keep sunlight away from your room during the day.

Coolest Car Showrooms on Planet Earth


Car fanatics would agree that, the adrenaline pumping and exhilarating act of unleashing a ‘beast’ of a car can never surpass any other feeling in the world. In addition to it, while many of us would literally give anything to take an Audi R8 or the uber luxurious Aston Martin One-77 for a spin if we ever could get a chance, reality is, it will remain just a cherished dream for most of us. However that does not mean that you cannot stand right next to the car models you crave to get your hands on and appreciate these beauties and stare at them with greed and excitement. Added to that, you get to enter a cool showroom with some extraordinarily impeccable design in the interiors and the ambience is sure to replicate heaven where the angels (the cars) will serenade you into a state of bliss.

So here are the top five coolest showrooms that sell some of the best and most demanded cars in the world:

  • [box_dark]Audi Forum: Ingolstadt, Germany[/box_dark] -Here the lovers of the German car makers are sure to be transported into the world of “VorsprungDurchTechnik”. The factory tour will enlighten visitors about the craftsmanship and machined precision. The showroom also hosts numerous cinema and music events, besides the option of candle light dinner for two. But the main centre of attractionthat is sure to blow your mind is the Day Race Course that replicates places like a narrow city road to a German race course.

  • [box_dark]Mercedes-Benz World: Brooklands[/box_dark] –This site is part showroom part museum part classroom and part race track. It has facilities to hold international music concerts and also a licence to conduct weddings. The best part about the package is that when u test drive a merc, a personal data tag activates cameras in every car you drive, and everything is captured, edited and then handed over to you on a special DVD.

  • [box_dark]Citroen C42: Champs-Elysees, Paris [/box_dark]–This showroom is one of the main reasons that drives men to Paris. The many levels, like tiers on a wedding cake, display carefully selected classic, current and concept cars. The view from the streets through the windows on each level is spectacular.


  • [box_dark]House of the Trident Maserati:Modena, Italy[/box_dark]–This marvellous showroom was inspired by Maserati’s decision to come up with a new glamorous flagship showroom in its historic VialeCiro Menotti HQ in Modena. It was designed by Ron Arad, a world renowned Israeli industrial designer, artist, and architect. The contemporary interior of the showroom is more akin to a modern art gallery than an industrial estate dealership.The crowning glory is an 80-metre-long, 10-tonne spiralling loop made from fibreglass and fabric, upon which Maserati’s latest models are displayed. Beneath that, significant vehicles from the brand’s illustrious past are proudly displayed.


  •  [box_dark]BMW Welt: Munich, Germany[/box_dark]–This inspiring piece of architecture is a temple of worship dedicated to the ultimate driving machine. The Bavarian company utilises this location to boast about its vintage cars and also provides for an awe-inspiring ambience for handing over the customers their new cars. The rich automotive heritage and the chance to experience a tour of the factory are only topped by then emerging to find the customer’s newly bought car on a pedestal, slowly rotating under the spotlight as the star attraction.



These breath taking showrooms are hosts to some of the most beautiful machines in the world. So even if you do not get to drive your dream car, it wouldn’t hurt to go on a pilgrimage to a few of these showrooms and worship these marvellous creations of mankind.



Top 5 sustainable commercial designs of 2012

[box_dark]Top-notch companies adopting the green route[/box_dark]

In today’s fast moving time, organizations are adopting the sustainable commercial designs so that they can lay an impact in the society. Companies and big organizations are taking use of eco friendly designs for their firms and offices so that they can maintain the standards of being eco friendly. With use of eco friendly designs, companies are now on the verge of making their firms sustainable. There are some renowned and big names across the world that has shown a good impact on the society by opting for eco friendly and sustainable commercial designs for their firms. By opting the eco friendly way, the organizations have put a great impact on the society and other firms who are now adopting the same measures like them.

[box_dark]Starting the list of companies having sustainable commercial designs[/box_dark]

[box_light]BT Company:[/box_light] In a survey done by Newsweek, BT, the leading telecommunication giant of United Kingdom was ranked among the top five companies, which are having sustainable commercial design for the year 2012. BT has been taking use of all the eco friendly measures for making the design of their organization sustainable. With the design, which they have adopted, they have reduced the emission of carbon by 54%. In a press release from the company stated that, “Emission of carbon would be reduced to 80% by the year 2020.” The company has adopted their own power wind farms, which easily provides 25% of energy to the firm. Starting from the structure to various other aspects of the design, everything that is used is eco friendly and recycled products.

[box_light]IBM: [/box_light]One of the leading IT companies in the world is IBM. Not just in information technology, IBM has made their mark by having a sustainable commercial design for their firm. The green score, which IBM has touched, is to the mark of 82.5%. IBM has been the leader in being an eco friendly firm and the design, which they have adopted, is based on protecting the ground from being contaminated. Since 1971, IBM has adopted the sustainable commercial design for their organization, which is helping in reducing the carbon footprint. The company is taking use of solar panels and wind generators so that they can create maximum amount of energy in a natural way.

[box_light]National Australia Bank:[/box_light] One of the leading banks of Australia has made the score of 82.2% in the mark of having sustainable commercial design. The bank has reached a feat of being carbon free in the year 2010. With help of the commercial eco friendly design, NAB has created different alternative sources for power generation for the firm. Presently, the firm is in the process of reducing their energy consumption by 50% along with which is planning to eliminate 20% of their paperwork in the future.

[box_dark]Some more names in the list[/box_dark]

[box_light]Banco Bradesco: [/box_light]One of the leading financial institutions and private banks of Brazil has attained the top slot of having a green sustainable design. The bank has been into eco friendly practices since its inception. It is also providing the carbon credit program so that it is easy for other firms to adopt the commercial sustainable designs with ease. Banco is taking use of recycled products for use including plastic.


[box_dark]Australia and New Zealand Banking Group:[/box_dark] Newsweek has given this prestigious organization a rating of 80.9 for having the most sustainable commercial designs of 2012. The organization has adopted the measures of having eco friendly techniques for energy consumption. 70% of the offices are functioned with use of solar energy and other forms of eco friendly designs. The company has already reduced its paper consumption by 60% and has declared itself carbon free in the year 2010.

The top most designs of massage chairs in suede leather

[box_dark]Lose Your Way In The Comfort And Luxury Of Suede Massage Chairs[/box_dark]

Commonly used for making boots and gloves, suede is only of its kind when it comes to smoothness and comfort. This is the leading cause why suede leather is extensively used for making massage chairs. Today, most of the leading manufacturers have come up with topmost designs of massage chairs made from suede leather. The term ‘suede’ originally belongs to France and indicates a particular genre of soft gloves. However, this term is now used to refer any material made from leather with smooth nap-finish. Suede massage chairs come in a wide array that include cream massage chair, relaxzen 60-078011 massage chair, human-touch iJoy Faux massage chair, Aosom faux heated massage chair, Ultra home luxury chair,  human-touch PC-095 chair and relaxzen padded massage chair to name a few.

[box_dark]Topmost Designs Of Suede Massage Chair[/box_dark]

  • “Cream Suede Massage Chair with Ottoman” is a uniquely designed massage chair that brings in luxury to your doorstep. This massage chair has remote control, armrest, comfortable seating and flexible head support that open up ways for tranquil heat treatment. Cream Suede Chair is also integrated with soft upholstery and an ample padding. Moreover, this chair is also equipped with storage pocket so that users can lay up all their essentials in close proximity. With creamy white color and ultra suede fabric, this massage chair looks elegant in your home and workspace.

  • Another inimitable design added to this queue of excellent and most-admired massage chair is “Relaxzen 60-078011 Leisure Massage Reclining Chair”. This suede chair is truly a comfort product that comes equipped with eight vibration and heat massage motors that relaxes your mid back, calves, upper back and thighs. Best part is that users can choose from self-regulating massage zones, five intensity levels and nine pre-programmed swift modes. Other decisive traits of this chair includes swivel, tension-recline adjustment, luxurious tick and chocolate-brown padded micro suede upholstery with wooden base to proffer utmost comfort.

  • With “Compact Massage Chair Recliner”, you can relax and garner the benefit of deep penetrating and stress relieving massage chair from the comfort of home. This chair is 25% smaller in contrast to other well-equipped massage chair.  This massage-chair recliners looks perfect at home be it your den, bedroom or family room. Compact design of this massage recliner is engrossed with 4 massage rollers that replicates, compression, kneading, percussion and rolling techniques that are normally used by trained massage therapists. Such techniques intend to relieve your tight muscles and release strain that is most apparent desire of myriad customers. “Compact Massage Chair Recliner” proposes you an opportunity to choose from 3 pre-programmed massage mode. In addition to this, you can manually direct rollers to focus on particular area of body.

  • When it comes to massage chair, “Human Touch PC-095 Chair” is among the most preeminent and sought-after designs of massage chair. When you stretch out in Human Touch PC 095 and your feet mount above the heart, it feels like all the pressure is suddenly removed from spine. This further brings in absolute capitulation and boost up your level of comfort. Even doctors recommend neutral position of body as healthy way of sitting. Moreover, this massage chair exploits the technology of “Zero Gravity” that is inspired by Neutral Posture of body.

[box_dark]How Can Latest Designs Of Suede Massage Chairs Benefit You? [/box_dark]

Be it your den or living area, these joyful massage chairs can surely make you rest in peace and comfort. Modern day and uniquely designed massage chair is a perfect blend of rejuvenating massage technique, essential calm and stylish appearance. Massage chair is no more an ordinary chair in fact; it is trained and veteran hands of massage professional’s. “Suede Massage Chairs” endeavour to facilitate you with soothing and remedial back massage.