Ceiling designs for your home

You will all agree that a lot goes into constructing and then decorating a home of your own. It so happens that people around the world are simply more concerned than ever about not just how big or small their homes are, but also how beautifully decorated they are.

Each and every small detail of your home; be it the nooks, the corners or even the main space is thoroughly taken into account. In addition, of course these small details actually carve the shape of your futuristic vision of your home and of course how well it is going to be received by others.

However, people still tend to pay more attention to the mundane, but forget probably the most important and the largest part of their homes. Yes, you guessed it right; I am indeed talking about the ceiling. Ceiling comprises about 1/6th of the total space of your interiors and yet many just tend to let it be.

Nevertheless, it is time to facelift the ceilings of your home too. So check these out.


Add some comfort and warmth to your ceilings with the exposed beam look. This is the perfect choice for ceilings in spaces, which are casual. Nevertheless, this style will not detract from magnificence.


Add an artistic effect to your ceilings with the coffered style. Made of hardwood, the style involves rectilinear panels overhead and will effectively draw eyes to the it.


The design involves pretty much what the name suggests. It will definitely give an airy feeling to your home and you can also add a dome, an arch and of course a barrel. Nothing will prove to be as dramatic as what this style will lend you.

The most important factor to remember while making a choice is to know what kind of ceiling you have. The shape of your ceiling will actually foretell what kind of style you can or cannot choose.

Nevertheless, apart from false ceilings, you can always choose to decorate your ceiling with other designs. For one, you can consider:


The best part of choosing this design is it will add a certain tone of warmth at your home and yet will make you blissfully unaware of it.

Applying paints

Yep, nothing works like colors for beautification of your ceilings. The costs might come down dramatically and above all, you can color coordinate with the colors of your furniture, your walls, your drapes, your curtains and well, you get my flow.

Attractive Bookshelf Designs

When you think about bookshelves, you normally tend to associate the word with drab old pieces of furniture which are more of an eyesore that need to be tucked away in some corner of a room or dusty library. However, designers have started to play with different concepts, materials and textures to create bookshelves which are not only functional but are more suited to being works of modern art. These stunning pieces of furniture not only help to add a touch of elegance to your home but also provide you with a space to arrange your books in a proper manner.

Back to School

Theme: Equations. Marcos Breder came up with the innovative idea of the Equation Bookshelf which is based on the principle of dividing things according to their priority. The final result is both unique and chic. Important books or books which you have need of on a regular basis can be placed together between (parentheses). There is even some space left on the bookshelf for pictures or other treasured keepsakes. Other items or books can be set between {braces} and [square brackets].

Theme: Geometry. Cosmo Shelves are the perfect solution for fans of modern shelving methods. These shelves are made up solely of rectangular shapes or squares with rounded edges. You can pick up this shelf in two colours – black and white. Simple to mount, the shapes can be positioned differently to offer a new look every time you need one. The asymmetrical, multi-sized Quad Bookcase is another interesting piece of furniture.

Theme: Shape. Designed by Ron Arad, the Bookworm is able to store magazines, DVDs and books. The whole case is made up of plastic and can be moulded into any conceivable shape.

Material Value

The FlexiTube conceptualised by Doris Kisskalt is portable and can transform into a clear room partitioner. This amazing tub is capable of rolling and fitting into any small corner and can be changed into the shape of a shelf. The different elements are supported by their velvety texture. Each tube contains a storage shelf within it which act as a visual horizontal line. Available in two sizes.

The Ellipse Bookcase is bound to improve the overall look of a room because of its unique design. The product is also quite natural being made up of sheets of wood veneer and durable elm tree wood. The shelves are protected by unrolled bamboo. However, this particular case is definitely not meant for storing a ton of books.

How to Design Your Dining Space

The dining room is considered to be the central area of any home since family members get together and have their meals in this part of the house. This is where the whole family shares some of the most pleasurable moments and some quality time. Thus, it is necessary for a dining room to be furnished in such a way that it allows people to feel relaxed and communicate with each other. Simply by rearranging the position of your furniture, you can provide your dining room with a better ambience.

Table Manners

The dimensions of your room determine the size and shape of your dining room. You should keep the shape of your room in mind when purchasing a dining table – the general rule is to place a dining table which is round in shape within a square room and vice versa. The dining table needs to be placed in the middle of the room as it provides a sense of symmetry, which is very aesthetically pleasing.

The dining table should be large enough to accommodate everyone and provide sufficient space to allow people to move about freely even after the chairs have been drawn. A smart look can be achieved if all the chairs fit easily under the chair. The dining table must always be treated as the style quotient as this happens to be the most important piece of furniture in the dining room area and provides the focal point for the same.

Handy Hints & Tips

Windows are a perfectly good way to spruce up the entire look of your dining room. They help to bring in a lot of natural light into your home. It is advisable to keep some room for flexibility in the dining space so that you can shift stuff around and make adjustments according to your needs.

It is preferred if the dining chairs possess no arms and even if there are arms; they should not be present above the surface of the table. Various kinds of chairs may be used in the dining room to give it a fresh look. The combination of colours and light effects, if used carefully, is ideal for adding an innovative feel to your dining space. Subtle colours are generally popular since they not only look great but also have a positive impact on appetite. Elegant curtains and the right kind of upholstery really help to give your dining room a complete makeover.