Debt salt & pepper shakers comment on personal economic crises

The state of the world economy has been shaky since the global recession in 2008, leaving many people jobless and many were even forced out of their homes due to mortgage woes. Consumerist as we are, the economic crisis appears to be heightened when we find that we cannot afford the same luxuries that we could when the inflow of money was smoother. To highlight

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‘Wooden Foliage’ recreates natural playfulness of dried foliage for the indoors

Designer Rooshad Shroff from Mumbai-based Rooshad Shroff Architecture + Design and designer Jwalant Mahadevwala from Ahmedabad-based AndBlack Design Studio collaborated to create the Wooden Foliage project. Based in Ahmedabad, India, the project was completed on 10th June, 2012. The project is currently on display at in the main plaza of the Ahmedabad, india-based CEPT University’s School of Interior Design (SID). The designers were asked to

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Stéphanie Van Zwam’s Airborne Collection makes jewelry interactive

The Airborne collection by Central Saint Martins graduate Stéphanie Van Zwam investigates the possibility of the use of air in the creation of jewelry that stimulates the physical senses as well as the viewer’s imagination. The collection uses static air, the movement of air and enclosed air to create stunning yet simple visual. The jewelry thus, essentially forces the wearer to “perform” to bring the

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Computer-controlled sun-screen systems – big hit for natural cooling in desert buildings

Solar cells and other sustainable sources of energies are widely used as efficient cooling and heating systems in buildings across the world, but two new 25-storied buildings in Abu-Dhabi have come up with a unique innovation to help manage building temperatures effectively. The automated sun-screen systems were designed by globally acclaimed architectural powerhouse Aedas. These sun-screen systems are positioned on the periphery of the buildings

July 16th, 2012 2 Comments Architecture

Origami-inspired Viva Docking Speaker fits right into modern Asian decors

Are you tired of picking up decor accessories made of bamboo and rattan to make your Asian-inspired décor appear more authentic? Then, you’re simply going to love this lovely new Viva Docking Speaker by designer Jang se-chan. Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding AKA origami, the docking speaker comes folded flat though it can simply be twisted and turned into a cube-shaped speaker.

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Tentsile portable treehouse looks like a inverted pyramid

You’d think a prerequisite to building a tree house would be having trees. But for the innovative designers of the 21st century, no challenge is to too big and a team of designers actually came up with a tree-less tree house in 2010. Dubbed Tentsile, the tree house apparently can be set up almost anywhere even if the particular location has no trees to hang

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Touch Skin Watch reinterprets the classic analog watch design for the new millennium

No matter how tech-intensive a digital watch is, nothing can quite ever mimic the simplicity and intuitive minimalism of the classic analog watch. Since the interface of the analog watch has almost become embedded within the cultural consciousness, designer Niels Astrup decided to use it as an inspiration for his Touch Skin Watch that delivered the analog experience to people without sacrificing the contemporary touch

July 11th, 2012 3 Comments Fashion

Stack furnitures

Functionality, design and comfort are usually the parameters for people’s choice of furniture. Alternatively, artistic merit is another preference for those art-minded people who want to acquire beautiful pieces to encourage designers, especially ones who have done something memorable. Konstantin Achkov is an imaginative Bulgarian designer who has redesigned the structure of furniture. In his alterations, people view furniture as more than a single entity;

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Yves Behar creates the Big Jambox for Jawbone

To fill a large space with sound, Yves Behar, has created a louder and larger version of their wireless Jambox range of audio speakers. The creative director at electronics brand Jawbone, Behar styled the Big Jambox along the same lines as the original portable. As a result, the base, back, top and front of the Jambox with textured metal mesh wrapping as well as vibration

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