Qmilch, a chemical free fiber made from milk

Milk is an important part of our life and there is no household that can go without the supply of this white liquid even for a single day. But, it’s time you stop drinking milk and start wearing it for that added glow. Anke Domaske from Germany has come up with a new textile that looks like silk and has been made using milk. Christened Qmilch, the textile is extremely soft and durable, folds like silk, but can be washed like cotton.


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Function table based on 3D visualizations

An interior designer can translate your living style whims and fancies into real life ideas. Architecture is all about thinking beyond the routine way of life and Daan Mulder is one of such artists. This renowned interior designer has crafted a Function Table which is truly unconventional. It is based on 3D visualizations and is a part of the Form Follows function line. This dutch designer is also an applied artist.

Daan Mulder Function Table

The Function Table which is another creation of Form Follows Function series, has been created with a computer program. It does not have loose parts and look classy and modish from all aspects. The table is laminated at multiple layers and is completely made of wood. This lamination has made it easier for the artist to make its top thin and sturdy. The finishing materials of the table include oak and veneer. This masterpiece has been painted in ultra matt lacquer, adding to its sheen.

Interior designing is all about innovating with the architectural space. This function table is certainly a great example of creativity and innovation. The 3D visualization has been kept in mind by the Dutch designer while creating this artistic table. Its price is available on request but you can surely think of shelling some dollars and make it a part of daily living. Adding to your living style and standard, this is definitely a piece of luxury.

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Adidas cancels ‘shackle’ sneakers after negative criticism on Facebook post

Chains have always been a cool addition to any form of footwear and can even make demure patent pumps look edgy. But for people who prize political correctness over being just plain cool, even a sloppy sneaker can appear to be completely outrageous. And that’s just what happened when Adidas Originals posted a picture of its latest creation, the JS Roundhouse Mids, on Facebook.

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Coffee table cum world map aquarium

Having a cup of coffee over a coffee table that lets fish traverse the world, does sound quite exciting. Yes, it is for real. The world map aquarium makes the fins species feel they are travelling across the globe, with continents carved perfectly in this aquarium cum coffee table. This aquarium can give the fishes a world they must have never dreamt of, not even the coffee drinker.

World Map Aquarium

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Nathalie Boutté’s creation: Paper strips textured images

Images from Legos and dominos have become quite common these days. But designer Nathalie Boutté used the same principles of pixilation to create stunningly detailed pictures that are made entirely out of paper strips! The self-taught artist combines elements from disciplines such as painting, sculpting and photography to create art “out of” paper instead of “on” the paper itself.

Canis Major by Nathalie Boutté

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Sci Fi to Reality: The SeaOrbiter Ocean Explorer

The SeaOrbiter

71% of the Earth’s surface is water. Marine biologists and ocean floor cartographers opine that only 20% of the world’s oceans have been explored. What lies beneath the murky depths of the world’s blue? What mysteries do the crashing waves hide? Wouldn’t we like to know?! There could be fantastic new lifeforms which may better give us an understanding on how life evolved on earth, or, there could be monsters straight from our worst nightmares. Much needs to be explored in the seas and oceans of the world can be well illustrated with the enigma of the giant squid (for instance). We only have dead specimens to prove their existence but we have yet to find one in its natural habitat. But that may be a thing of the past with the new SeaOrbiter coming into the picture.

It seems that sci fi creations are slowly turning into reality again (Jules Verne would be proud!). The SeaOrbiter ocean explorer is a futuristic vessel which is still in its conceptual stage. Designed by Jacques Rougerie (a French architect ), he has been waiting for his dream to come true for almost 12 years now. Investors and Sponsors have seen its potential and construction of the vessel will start in October and may be completed within 2013.

The Schematics

The SeaOrbiter ocean explorer looks like a gargantuan white aquatic cockroach (complete with feelers!). It is the world’s first free standing vertical vessel that will stand 170 feet (51 m) into the air. To better serve its purpose, half of the vessel will remain submerged underwater at all times, just like an iceberg. Considering the implications, and the vast potential of exploring and charting the world’s oceans and oceanic life, the project’s cost of US $52.7 million is extremely measly (taking into account the millions of dollars that are still being invested in the International Space Station). In addition, the SeaOrbiter will give marine biologists and scientists an opportunity to study marine life in their natural habitat, in real time. The vessel will accommodate 18 scientists/biologists and crew who will remain onboard the vessel. Rougerie has dubbed them the “Oceanauts”, who will stay on the vessel to observe and study ocean life under its transparent hull.

Now for the specifics, the semi submersible SeaOrbiter will be divided into 2 major parts. There will be a submerged chamber that goes down 102 feet (31 m) below sea level. This will be the observation level. The part above the sea level will have an open air terrace that can be used both for observation and for sun bathing! Just like Verne’s Nautilus, the submerged section of the SeaOrbiter will have panoramic windows and huge portholes (with powerful lights that will illuminate a radius of about 750m for clear visibility). A world class, mobile ocean observatory—that’s what the SeaOrbiter is! The vessel will also be outfitted with the latest in sonar and oceanographic observational equipment which will continuously feed and receive data to and fro from satellites. There is also a state-of-the-art pressurized module (with multiple levels) that will allow the ‘oceanauts’ to delve into previously unexplored depths. The vessel will be powered by non conventional sources of energy (like, tidal, solar and wind energy) and thus will neither leave any carbon footprint nor contaminate the oceans.

The Scale Model

Rougerie will be showcasing his SeaOrbiter ocean explorer project at the International Expo, 2012, in Yeosu, S. Korea with a 1:20 scale model of the vessel. An early Christmas present for marine scientists? Sure looks like one!

Via: GizMag

Post-It Table for all the doodlers

A huge post-it table can be a true genius for all the doodlers. Brains behind this post-it table – A Milan based design company, Soup Studio will surely be a boon to all the designers who constantly doodle giving you all the free doodling space. It enables you to take notes or scribble without getting into a paper mess. All you need to do is cover the entire desk with giant post-it sheets and then scribble until you are done with them. All you need a huge desk and giant sheets of paper.

Post-it Table

This DIY post-it desk can also prove to be eco-friendly by using rice paper. This will help in reduction of landfill waste of used sheets. Don’t wait to memo your new ideas on this scribble table which has been topped with eighty large sheets for you to squiggle till you drop. Whether you want to scribble, doodle or create fresh ideas, all you need is this Italian designed post-it note table to put your thoughts on paper. Once you are done with one sheet, you can simple peel it away to reach a new fresh clean sheet.

If you wish to have a new workstation each time, this should be your pick. It helps you generate ideas beyond the boundaries of a note pad or a post-it. With price available on request, this giant post-it table is being referred as ‘post-itable’. This table created under a project by soup studio has received recognition from many including the Second International Designer’s Workstation Competition. This competition was organized by the design institution. For all those creative and innovative folks, this note desk will add on to your creative caps to help you generate clean fresh ideas each time. This post-it topped table can be your pick without any hassle. Draw your ideas beyond the conventional post-its and notebooks and unleash your design potential.